SMITHVILLE • Behold Home, which acquired Washington Furniture Sales two years ago, has consolidated the brands under the Behold Home umbrella. In addition, Behold Home has acquired a 102,000-square-foot facility in Amory that could increase production another 25% by the first quarter of next year.

Behold Home CEO Lyle Harris told Furniture Today that capacity had already increased 20% from pre-pandemic levels.

Harris also said the additional capacity could mean at least 100 more jobs will be created.

“We’ve begun recruiting as renovation moves along, and we’ll move some existing employees to Amory as we begin hiring,” Harris told Furniture Today. “We’d like to be manufacturing there by mid-November. That’s a lofty goal, but we feel we can transfer some key employees so there’s not a lot of head scratching as we bring new employees up to speed.”

Behold Home, which was founded in 2014 in Smithville, now employs 435 people.

As for the singular branding, the combined entity was operating as Behold Washington, and Washington kept its own identity. But now both brands will share the Behold Home moniker.

In addition, Behold Home also has begun importing finished motion seating from Vietnam for stocking stateside, according to Furniture Today.

“We don’t see the demand situation easing, and we want to have a strategic approach of bringing in key goods that Asia can produce,” Harris said. “These will be geared toward mid-size and smaller accounts that can’t flow containers from Asia themselves.”

The import program could represent 20% of business in the short term and grow in importance.

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