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Circadence Corp., a market leader in cybersecurity readiness, recently announced that the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office has issued a second patent for the company’s gamified cyber range learning platform Project Ares. U.S. Patent 10,238,948 covers a range of specific artificial intelligence and machine learning features, technologies and functionalities available in the solution that helps empower cyber professionals to keep pace with evolving threats by building skills and competencies in active cyber range environments.

Circadence,, which is based in Boulder, Colorado, calls Tupelo home for its Advanced Research and Development Facility, where some 30 software engineers and other experts research, develop and test their “weapons” against cyber threats.

This newly issued patent expands on the claims in the first U.S. Patent on Project Ares (U.S. Pat. No. 10,056,005) issued in 2018, and covers additional features of Project Ares that create the unique, learn-by-doing environment:

  • A virtual cyber range that simulates real-world systems, devices and cyber tools so practice exercises do not impact production networks.
  • A game server that provides immersive learning scenarios through cyber missions complete with backstories, orders, rules of engagement and intel,
  • A system server that delivers skill-building exercises via battle room and tracks user performance to provide assessments for individuals and teams.
  • An AI component that drives an in-game advisor and adaptable adversaries that process player data to continually deliver complex response to actions within the cyber range.

This patent continues Circadence’s culture of innovation in intellectual property and marks the 43rd patent issued to Circadence since 2000. Circadence has numerous patents pending on Project Ares and its features in both the U.S. and abroad.

“We have an extraordinary team of talented engineers who have created a unique layering of technology and infrastructure to deliver cyber learning in a way that’s never been done before,” said Michael Moniz, co-founder, president, and CEO at Circadence. “Using our revolutionary suite of products and services, clients can be assured the engineering of Project Ares will help them keep pace with evolving threats.”

Project Ares is an immersive, gamified cyber learning platform that includes the world’s first cyber range running in the cloud. It is a scenario-based platform that enables both offensive- and defensive-oriented participants to test their skills in a game environment against a sophisticated, AI-powered opponent. The solution is designed for any skill-level cyber professional to grow their competencies to rapidly respond to cyberattacks. Scoring and lead boards identify skill gaps and strengths and measure performance for each participant playing the game. Multi-media stimulation and visualization add a layer of participant engagement currently not found in task-based, traditional cyber courses.

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