Lauren McElwain

Lauren McElwain

Lauren McElwian is a speech-language pathologist at Lawhon Elementary in Tupelo and is founder and director of Cooking as a First Language.

In her day job, she helps students with their communication difficulties. McElwain works with many students with autism in varying degrees, several who are nonverbal and only communicate through the use of an electronic device. She works with these children to improve their ability to communicate through the use of technology.

Her passion is her role with Cooking as a First Language, in which she coordinates monthly authentic international cooking classes.

She volunteers for Sanctuary Hospice, Junior Auxiliary, The Walk to End Alzheimer’s, Cooking as a First Language Cares, and the American Speech Language Hearing Association.

Quotable: “I hope that Tupelo can continue to grow and develop the way it has the past few years. I want us to keep adding more unique opportunities, events, and even facilities, if possible, to the Tupelo experience. We live in such an inspiring town because of all the energetic, progressive-minded people who are working to develop it.”

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