Good list from AmEx's OPEN Forum (full story) if you are looking for interesting people to follow on Twitter:

In a recent study called “Socializing Your CEO,” Weber Shandwick reported that a mere 14 percent of executives in the United States hold a positive view of chief executives. The study argues that CEOs need to learn to be engage more people by using a number of tools including social media. Interestingly, only 8 percent of the world’s largest company CEOs have a Twitter account.

Martha Stewart. @marthastewart. Followers 2,047,641. Following 8,333.

Tony Hsieh. Zappos. @Zappos. Followers: 1,756,838. Following: 382,507.

Richard Branson. Virgin Group. @RichardBranson (the picture shows him shining Guy Kawasaki’s shoe while asking Guy to fly on Virgin). Followers 629,970. Following 6.422.

Leo Laporte. TWiT. @LeoLaporte. Followers 245,834. Following 1,493.

Peter Aceto. ING Direct Canada. @CEO_INGDIRECT. Followers 3,942. Following 1,083.

Michael Arrington. TechCrunch. @Arrington. Followers 54,083. Following 1,251.

Tim O’Reilly. O’Reilly Media. @TimOreilly. Followers 1,435,627. Following 697.

Christine Perkett. PerkettPR. @missusP. Followers 21,870. Following 16,918.

Michael Hyatt. Thomas Nelson. @MichaelHyatt. Followers 87,601. Following 83,426.

Brian J Dunn, Best Buy. @BBYCEO. Followers 6,285. Following 1,039.

Note that seven of the 10 people use their own names. One uses a company name, and two use their title. This is something to keep in mind as you or your CEO pick a Twitter name.


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