By Brenda Owen

Daily Journal

Here from various sources are some tips for jettisoning junk mail:

- When ordering anything or opening a new account of any type, present a written request not to be added to any mailing list except for specific billing purposes related to your account and ask the company to refrain from giving or selling your name to any other mailing list(s) now or in the future.

- When you receive junk mail that has a self-addressed, stamped envelope, send a written request to be removed from the mailing list and not be added to any other lists.

- To clean up old catalogs and other junk mail you do not want, write a form letter on your home computer and just fill in the new address and date and drop it in the mail.

- Keep a running list of companies to whom you have sent stop requests.

- Use a business toll-free 800 number, reply card, or order envelope to remove your name from specific mailing lists.

- If you like a particular catalog but find that you do not need it monthly, ask for their annual or semi-annual mailings only. If they cannot comply, ask to be removed altogether.

- After a purchase, fill out registration and warranty cards, but attach a personal note specifically asking that your name and address not be included on any mailing lists.

- If a piece of junk mail was sent first class or presorted first class, you may write "REFUSED" on the envelope and have it returned by the post office. Most originators will then remove you from their list.

- Contact the largest junk mail distributors and request that your name be removed from their mailing lists.

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