STARKVILLE - Residents will have to wait another week to see the CBS show "48 hours" to tackle a Starkville cold case that was solved last fall using modern DNA technology.

The true crime news magazine series on the 1990 Labor Day Murders had originally scheduled for Saturday, Jan. 12. The network has decided to bump the show one week to allow for more in-depth coverage of a breaking national news story.

Starkville police spokesman Sgt. Brandon Lovelady said the delay was caused by the Thursday discovery of missing Wisconsin teen Jayme Cross. Lovelady said the show is now scheduled to air Jan. 19 at 9 p.m. on CBS.

Next week's episode of 48 Hours will take a deep look into the 1990 attack of Betty Jones and Kathryn Crigler. The two women were attacked on Labor Day in Crigler's home on Highway 182. Smith died that day. Crigler died a few months later.

The case, which became known as The Labor Day Murders, went unsolved for nearly 30 years. A podcast by Jones step-grandson Jason Jones called "Knock, Knock" revived interest in the case. Advances in DNA testing led to the Oct. 2018 arrest of Michael Wayne DeVaughn, 51. He has been charged with capital murder and sexual assault.

You can view a short promo here.


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