Teen-ager wounded

in drive-by shooting

CORINTH - A 17-year-old was slightly injured when a bullet grazed his head in a Monday afternoon drive-by shooting.

"There was evidently a disagreement between the two fellows," said Corinth Police Chief Fred Johnson. "The guy drove up in a car and fired a shot. The best we can tell, the other occupants of the vehicle didn't know he was going to do this."

The victim was walking down the street around 4 p.m. when a red Park Avenue pulled up next to him, Johnson said. After a brief argument, the suspect yelled at the victim and pulled out a silver, medium-sized gun and fired one shot, Johnson said.

When the shot was fired, Johnson said, the victim ran home and the car sped away.

"Officers met him there and his mother indicated that he had been grazed by a bullet," Johnson said. "Officers observed a small cut above his left eye."

After taking a statement from the victim, officers arrested a 17-year-old Corinth man. He is being held in the Corinth City Jail on an aggravated assault charge. Bond has not been set.

"I'm not sure what the argument was about," Johnson said. "It's been an ongoing thing."

-Sandi Pullen

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