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Three suspects have been charged in connection with a Fairview area burglary that robbed a man of his life savings.

Authorities have arrested Matthew Graham, 43, of Fulton; Danny Grimes, 50, of Smithville; and Junior Hood, 65, of Millport, Ala., are charged each with conspiracy to commit a crime and burglary of a dwelling. The arrests took place Monday and Tuesday nights.

The three men are accused of being connected with the early July break-in at the house at 925 Saddle Club Road, Golden, home of Wayne Cleveland, where they allegedly stole hundreds of thousands of dollars from his safe. The exact amount has not been released.

Graham is the former son-in-law of the victim. The other two suspects are allegedly family friends of his.

Itawamba County Justice Court Judge Barry Davis set each suspect’s bail at $500,000. They are all currently being held in the Itawamba County Jail.

According to Itawamba County Sheriff Chris Dickinson, evidence related to the case is still being processed and more arrests may follow.

“This is a very big investigation; we’ve had a lot of evidence to sort,” Dickinson said. He referred to the investigation as being “very deliberate.”

“We’ve had to follow a lot of different strings, then try to make them all connect,” he said. The initial pool of suspects, he added, included more than 50 people. Graham was a part of that initial group, though the other two suspects were not.

The sheriff said investigators with the district attorney’s office are currently investigating money believed to have been taken from Cleveland’s property, although less than the amount reported stolen.

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