The following reports were filed Thursday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

The manager of a CDF Blvd business said the boyfriend of one of his employees came to see her during her lunch break and the two got into a verbal altercation. The manager said the boyfriend hit the woman several times with a closed fist. The boyfriend left the scene before deputies arrived. The girlfriend said she does not want to press charges against him, but he is no longer allowed on the property of her job.

A Timberlane Drive woman said the renter of her residence took several expensive items from their home, including a $10,000 TV. The woman said they had a contract agreement with them to buy the house. The family had lived in the house for around two years but had not been making payments. The woman said she and her husband changed the locks on the door before they left to go back to their other home in Florida.

A Plantersville woman said that her boyfriend took her vehicle using a spare key he had made. The woman said that she lives with him and that she was asleep when he took her car. The woman said she doesn't know where her boyfriend could have went with the vehicle. This is the second time her boyfriend has done something like this.

A Garrison Drive Tupelo woman said she and her boyfriend had got into an argument and that he was drunk. The woman said he took the keys to her van and left after the two finished arguing. The van was back in the driveway, when deputies arrived.

A Cotton Gin Lane Saltillo man showed authorities security footage of a suspect in a hoodie enter his garage. The suspect appeared to have a cloth rag in their hand and checked vehicles to see if they were locked. The suspect immediately left the property. The man said he did not believe anything was missing from the garage.

Tupelo Police Department

A man came to the police department to report his wallet, driver's license and debit card lost. The man said he was at the Texaco gas station on South Gloster and South Green Street, when he left his wallet at the register after paying. The man contacted the store but employees did not find is wallet.

Officers were called to the Waffle House on South Gloster in reference to a vehicle running into the building. The manager of the diner said that a Black male driving a silver Ford Crown Victoria ran into the building. The vehicle left the scene before police arrived.

Officers were called to the Clarion Inn on North Gloster in regard to a damaged vehicle. A woman stated someone broke the front window out of her 2017 Nissan Altima. A hotel employee said the person that caused the damage has been ban from the hotel due to similar incidents.

Officers were called to the Kroger on West Main Street in reference to a suspicious male at the customer service counter. Police identified the male as the person who was caught on camera breaking out the windows of a 2017 Nissan Altima at the Clarion Inn. The man was arrested and taken to the Lee County Jail on charges of disorderly conduct failure to comply.

A woman said she ordered a TV from Walmart and it was to be delivered to her home. The woman said she went to FedEx and they told her the TV was delivered. The woman said she was at home all day on the day FedEx told her the TV had been delivered and she did not receive it.

A woman said she had received a message on Instagram from a person stating they would give her an amount of money for a small fee. The woman paid the fee and never received the money. The person requested money again and she paid the money but didn't receive money in return. The woman said this has happened 10 times in which she paid a total amount of $2,000.

A person was riding their back in the area of Wayside Street, when a dog attacked him. The person said the dog left the yard and lunged at him attempting to bite him. The dog did not bite the bicyclist but he did sustain injuries from falling off the bike. Due to the nature of the dog and for the safety of other neighbors, the dog was captured and taken to the Lee County Humane Society.

Officers were called to 2716 South Gloster Street J&A, in regards to a hit and run incident. A person on a red and white dirt bike struck someone's vehicle and fled the scene. Verona police made a stop on the person on the dirt bike. A Tupelo officer arrived at the scene and talked with a person involved in the hit and run and he person said he unintentionally hit the victim's truck.

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