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The following people were booked into the Lee County-Tupelo Adult Jail in connection with felony charges ending Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Gregory Cates, 47, no address given, was arrested by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, aggravated domestic violence.

James Davis, 51, no address given, was arrested by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, possession of methamphetamine, no insurance.

Matthew Harris, 29, no address given, was arrested by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, drug court violation.

Sasha Pitts, 38, no address given, was arrested by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, grand larceny, malicious mischief, petty larceny, possession of marijuana.

Timothy Ritter, 60, of Mooreville, was arrested by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office, possession of a Schedule II drug, no insurance.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office

The following reports were filed Wednesday by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office.

A Guntown man said his truck was parked at his Euclatubba Road business over the weekend. At some point, someone stole the license plate.

A Highway 371 Richmond woman caught a white male trying to break into her shop at 11 a.m. When she pulled up, the suspect fled in a silver Jeep Patriot that had a tag that belonged to another vehicle. The suspect turned around behind the shop and drove through the grass to get to the driveway and then the highway. The deputy found a screwdriver by the door that was used to try to force the door. Access to the shop was not gained and nothing was stolen.

A County Road 754 Palmetto man said his ex-girlfriend was at his house gathering her belongings. He said he wanted her to get all of her stuff and leave, because if she returned, he would charge her with trespassing.

A landlord evicted a couple from a County Road 1498 Tupelo rental property. When the 20-something white couple left, they took several items that were not theirs, including an air conditioner, a microwave and a set of pots and pans.

A woman was driving down County Road 590 when she heard a loud bang and her front passenger window shattered. She felt one of the mowers at the MSU Extension Center accidentally threw a rock that hit the window.

A County Road 931 Saltillo man said his ex-girlfriend has been harassing him since February. She has been texting and posting degrading things about him on social media.

A man said someone on an ATV was trespassing behind his Highway 178 Mooreville building.

A County Road 51 Tupelo man said he saw his brother at Kelly’s Grocery and the brother followed him home. The brother got out of the vehicle saying, “I am not afraid of him,” while holding a rifle. The female passenger made the brother get back on the vehicle and leave.

A County Road 811 Saltillo woman said her ex-husband has been driving past her house and just sitting across from her residence.

Tupelo Police Department

The following reports were filed Wednesday by the Tupelo Police Department.

A North Green Street woman said her boyfriend woke her up at 4 a.m. and started an argument. He was irate and began punching her with closed fists in the face and head. She tried to leave twice, but he physically restrained her and continued the assault. He also bit her several times and threatened her with both scissors and a hammer.

A Texas Roadhouse employee said someone the day before had paid for the meal with a fake $100 bill. The counterfeit money was confiscated and placed into an evidence envelope.

A Willie Moore Road man said the downstairs neighbor knocked on the door and said he was walking too loud and making too much noise. He said he never had a problem with the elderly lady downstairs until her grandson moved in.

An East Main pawn shop said a routine inventory revealed that a Smith & Wesson pistol purchased in February was no longer at the store and had not been sold or redeemed. He alerted the ATF, who told him to report the gun stolen with the local police.

A Lena man said he dated a Tupelo woman for a couple of months and moved into her Clayton Avenue home during the relationship. After the breakup, he moved back to Leake County. The former girlfriend is now calling and texting. She has mail delivered to him at her house as well as text messages they exchanged before the breakup. She is threatening to send that information to the man’s wife. He filed a police report in hopes of discouraging the suspect from continuing to contact him or his wife.

A woman said she was driving down North Coley Road and hit a hole in the road. The impact caused her right front tire to go flat and the replacement for the Mercedes was $354. She said there was road construction going on but no signage.

A Maynard Drive man said his security system alerted him around 10:30 p.m. He checked the video and saw a Black male stealing his son’s BMX bicycle off the front porch.

A Hibner Street woman said her chihuahua was attacked around 3 p.m. by a pair of leashed pit bulls escorted by the juvenile son of a neighbor. The neighbor agreed to pay the initial $100 veterinarian bill, paying more than half the same day. When the dog died around 8 p.m. the following day, the woman decided she wanted to press charges.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 841-9041, the Tupelo Police Department at 841-6491 or Crime Stoppers of Northeast Mississippi at (800) 773-TIPS.

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