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The following people were booked into the Lee County-Tupelo Adult Jail in connection with felony charges ending Wednesday at 11 a.m.

Atta Najjar, 48, no address listed, was arrested by the Lee County Sheriff's Office, failure to register as a sex offender.

Molly Ann Walden, 41, of Aberdeen, was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, possession of a Schedule I drug, possession of a controlled substance.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

The following reports were filed Wednesday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

An air conditioner repairman said someone went through his work truck at a Palmetto Road work site. They stole a 32-quart Yeti cooler, a three-drawer tool box full of tools and a 25-pound bottle of Freon.

A County Road 684 Tupelo woman said a stray dog showed up on her property and would not leave. The deputy explained that the county doesn't have a stray dog ordinance and told her to call the animal shelter.

A MTD employee said her ex-husband came to the Verona plant and flattened two of her car tires. She noticed the damage around noon. He had been calling her through a private number and sending threatening texts since 6 a.m. that day.

A County Road 1460 Tupelo woman said she is going through a divorce. Her husband has been sending threatening text messages. She has filed several reports on him and said there should be several pending warrants against him.

A Drive 1762 Tupelo woman said two white males walked down her drive and went into an abandoned house. She said there shouldn't be anyone at that house.

The owner of a Verona junkyard said someone cut the catalytic converters off all of the vehicles he recently brought to the lot. He estimated the cost of the theft at $20,000.

A Tupelo woman said her husband has her daughter and will not let her have the child. She has been told numerous times she needs to go to court to get an emergency custody order before deputies can get involved. She demanded that deputies force the man and his new girlfriend to show her whatever papers they have. When deputies explained they could not force the man to show her anything, she became even more irate and left.

A man said he and his wife are no longer sharing their County Road 506 Shannon home. He applied for an Academy Sports credit card but never received it. When he called and checked on it, the store said the card had been mailed to him and already used to make three purchases totaling more than $550. He thinks the card was mailed to his old address and the wife used it.

A man said when his parents died, their County Road 830 Plantersville property passed to all four children. He said his brother remains on the property, even though chancery court ordered him to leave by Sept. 11.

A White Water Road man said he broke up with his girlfriend in March. While he was in class Tuesday, she came over and took 40-inch and 65-inch television sets from the house. He said she disconnected the outside security cameras before she entered the house.

A County Road 452 Plantersville man said he and his with are having marital problems so he has been sleeping in a camper on their property. Tonight she started hitting the camper with a hammer, trying to break inside.

Tupelo Police Department

The following reports were filed Wednesday by the Tupelo Police Department.

A Tupelo police detective recovered a stolen pistol at a North Gloster pawn shop. The weapon was placed into evidence and the rightful owner was contacted.

A woman told police that her baby daddy has been harassing her online so she blocked him on all social media. He has now started contacting her friends and her boss. If her door is not locked, he will just walk in the residence uninvited. He has done the same thing at her mother's house.

A North Front Street furniture store reported over the weekend, someone damaged the windows on the front of the building. A window was also broken on an adjacent building.

The West Lowndes County High School band director said as the band was leaving a football game with Tupelo Christian Preparatory School, two flutes and a baritone fell out of the back of their U-Haul trailer on Highway 45 near Main Street.

A Forbes Lane man said overnight, someone entered his car and stole $260 in cash and his girlfriend's 9mm pistol. He said he locked the car, but the door was unlocked the next morning.

A woman said she was in the drive-thru at the McCullough Boulevard McDonald's. A black male wearing a maroon and white hoodie reached through the open window and opened the driver's door. He had a Swiss Army knife in his hand. He started to talk to her but she sped away.

A Nelle Street car business said someone has been breaking into cars inside the fenced lot at night. The thieves have stolen speakers, a battery and a dash camera out of customer's cars.

A Ford Circle woman said around 3:30 p.m., a man walked up the the rear of her car and punched the right taillight, causing it to shatter. He then ran away, heading west toward President Avenue.

A man said he left his Dodge Ram 5500 work truck parked at the Barnes Crossing Texaco. When he returned, it was running loud and he discovered someone had stolen the catalytic converter. He was told it will cost $7,500 to replace.

A Harvey's employee said while he was at work, someone pushed down his rear passenger window and unlocked his car. They stole his Taurus 1911 pistol from the glove box and his Smith & Wesson AR-15 from the trunk.

An Oaks Drive woman said two females showed up around 6 p.m. to retrieve some property. While they were waiting for someone to arrive with a key, one of the suspects walked around back and punched through some glass next to the back door to gain entry. When the woman tried to stop her, the suspect became aggressive, so she punched the suspect in the face. The second suspect said the woman and the other suspect got into a verbal argument because no one had a key. She said the woman shoved the suspect's head into the window, breaking the glass, then punched her in the face.

A Deer Park Road woman said her daughter and her boyfriend were living in a camper behind her house. She served an eviction notice on the couple. The daughter was uncooperative, so she called 911. When an officer arrived and saw the daughter, she took off running behind the house and into the woods. When the daughter came out of the woods, the officer ordered her to stop and come towards him a second time, but she ran again. She was arrested and charged with failure to comply.

A man was walking along Triangle Street and noticed a purse hanging from a tree around noon. He noticed items of value inside and called 911. An officer found a woman's driver's license, as well as credit and debit cards in the same name inside the purse, which was carried to the police station and placed in a locker in the property room.

A woman said around 1 a.m., her male neighbor was in his driveway staring at her house, screaming and shooting fireworks. He later started shooting fireworks into her drive and throwing things at her house. He then walked over and urinated on her vehicle. She said she has had issues with the man in the past. When she first moved in the house in June, he told her he could see people in her attic and later he was found in her garage trying to get into her attic. He allegedly has a history of mental illness.

A truck driver was trying to pull his 18-wheeler into the parking lot of the McCullough Boulevard Super 8 ran over a curb and damaged the flower beds.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at 841-9041, the Tupelo Police Department at 841-6491 or Crime Stoppers of Northeast Mississippi at (800) 773-TIPS.

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