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The following people were booked into the Lee County-Tupelo Adult Jail in connection with felony charges ending Tuesday at 11 a.m.

Jonathan Collins, 29, of Hattiesburg, was arrested by the Lee County Sheriff's Office, two counts of aggravated assault against a vulnerable adult.

Sanijia Foy, 18, of Tupelo, was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, car jacking, armed robbery, possession of marijuana in a motor vehicle.

Jesse Jeziorowski, 28, no address given, was arrested by the Lee County Sheriff's Office, possession of methamphetamine.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

The following reports were filed Tuesday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office.

A County Road 931 Tupelo man was in his bedroom when he heard someone talking in his grandparents' room around 3 a.m. He knocked on their door and called out to them but received response. He thought someone else was in the room and called 911. Deputies made contact with the grandfather who said everything was fine.

A Drive 272 Shannon woman returned home to find someone had kicked in her front door. The burglar stole a laptop computer, two digital cameras, a Nintendo Switch, two iPhones, a pair of Ugg boots and a bag of clothes belonging to her ex-husband. She felt he might be responsible. He was on scene and told deputies he did not break into the house.

A Highway 371 South Tupelo woman asked deputies to escort her home to retrieve clothing. Her soon-to-be ex-boyfriend was there, and she was afraid he might start an altercation.

A County Road 1463 Nettleton woman said a 26-year-old female acquaintance walked into her house and was asked to leave. She said the suspect is married but separated from a man who is welcome on the property.

A Thaxton man said his car broke down so he left it on the side of Highway 6 near County Road 41 overnight. The following morning, he noticed the Nissan Rogue had a broken window. When he checked on it around noon, he discovered his 9mm pistol was missing form the car.

A County Road 1257 Mooreville woman said her neighbor saw a male acquaintance at her house, rooting through the back of her truck. He told the suspect to leave. The suspect claimed he was just looking for a pry bar.

A Mitchell Road woman said a young black female panhandling bracelets knocked on her door but stayed mostly out of range of the peephole in her door. When she refused to open the door, the suspect took a picture of her door and left.

A Woodland woman said when she went into the hospital, she asked a friend to drive her car to his County Road 113 Shannon house and park it. When she couldn't contact the friend about a week later, she asked another man to go check on her car. He didn't have gas money, so she used the Cash App to send him money. The second man later called her and said her car got towed when they went through a roadblock in Pontotoc and a female subject was hauled to jail.

A Highway 371 Mooreville was backing out of her drive and hit a white Volkswagen Passat that she didn't know was parked behind her.

A County Road 1970 Guntown man said a 40-year-old male acquaintance broke the back glass of his truck and crawled inside. Nothing appeared to be stolen from the Chevy Silverado.

A Shannon man said in September, he traded a 2002 Aprilia motorcycle for a 2005 Volvo car with a man. The deal happened on Hushpuppy Road, outside Saltillo. The car was later impounded in Hamilton, Alabama, because the trader did not own the car or have the title. All attempts to contact the other man have been unsuccessful.

A man was on State Park Road when two four-wheelers began doing donuts. One slung a rock, breaking the back glass of his Dodge pickup.


A County Road 1460 Tupelo couple said during the 35 minutes they were away, someone broke into their residence and stole a 65-inch flatscreen television, a home stereo, assorted tools, a microwave, a coffee maker, a lawn mower, a string trimmer, a dresser and a bed.

Tupelo Police Department

The following reports were filed Tuesday by the Tupelo Police Department.

A woman was driving down Maynard Drive around 7:30 a.m. when a car traveling at a high rate of speed came at her. She swerved to avoid the impact, but it still hit her right rear side, causing disabling damage.

A man driving east on Interstate 22 near Belden said a tire come off a vehicle. He hit the tire, damaging the front of his car. The tire bounced into the air and was then hit by a woman driving behind him, damaging the front of her car as well.

A woman said while she was inside the New China Buffet on North Gloster, someone entered her car and stole her pistol that was inside her handbag on the passenger floorboard. She said the car was locked, but there were no signs of forced entry.

A man said his wife's ex-boyfriend showed up at his camper and threatened him, saying next time he wouldn't be so nice and the man would not walk away.

An Eisenhower Drive woman left her car parked on the street. When she returned, the front driver's side panel was damaged. None of the neighbors said they saw or heard anything.

A Monument Drive woman said she was walking to another apartment complex building around 11:30 p.m. when a female suspect attacked her, punching her in the face and neck several times. As she tried to defend herself, a third female joined the altercation ad began assaulting her as well. The suspects eventually fled in a dark blue SUV.

A Coley Road business reported that someone cut the catalytic converters off two delivery trucks over the weekend.

A Brooks Grocery employee said a white male walked into the smoke house inside the store at 8 a.m. and stole $100 worth of chicken wings.

A woman said as she left the West Main Street One Hour Martinizing, a couple began recording her with their cell phones, saying she had hit their vehicle. She said she did not hit their vehicle, told them to get out of her face, and drove away.

A woman parked her car near the outpatient entrance at the North Mississippi Medical Center. When she returned an hour later, more than $400 cash was missing from the center console. She said she locked the car, but there were no signs of forced entry.

A man said while unloading some items at a West Main Street business, he noticed his 9mm pistol missing from the driver's door of his truck.

An Evelyn Drive man said someone stole his .40-caliber pistol from his truck. He was unsure when or where the handgun was taken.

A West Jefferson Street woman said someone stole her 2001 Ford F-150 pickup. She said the truck was left unlocked with the keys in it. She called the next day to say a male acquaintance took the truck and she believed it was at an abandoned house at Lake Piomingo.

A Greyhound Bus Station employee said she had to ask an unruly customer to leave. The man went outside and ripped the tag off her personal vehicle and left. Police found the man near the old factory outlets on South Eason Boulevard. The man said he did not steal her license plate. He told the officer where he put it after he ripped it off the vehicle. The officer went back, found the damaged tag and returned it to the owner.

An officer on patrol noticed something between two vehicles at a South Gloster Street used car lot around 10 p.m. A check revealed it was a catalytic converter. There was a blade from a reciprocating saw several feet away. The officer did not see or hear any suspect.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at 841-9041, the Tupelo Police Department at 841-6491 or Crime Stoppers of Northeast Mississippi at (800) 773-TIPS.

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