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BOONEVILLE – Two Booneville men were arraigned Monday after being charged for having meth ingredients in their car.

Don Wright, 45, and Michael Paul Lewis, 37, both of Booneville, were charged with possession of precursors with the intent to manufacture methamphetamine after Prentiss County Sheriff’s deputies allege a mobile meth lab was found in their car.

The two were stopped at a roadside safety checkpoint at the intersection of county roads 7301 and 7081 Saturday in the Blackland community.

Their bonds were set at $5,000 in Prentiss County Justice Court on Monday.

Prentiss County Sheriff Randy Tolar said a mobile meth lab is a method of cooking where the ingredients of the methamphetamine are all combined in one container.

That container is placed in a vehicle and driven around so the chemicals shake up and react.

The “shake and bake” method of meth cooking is much simpler than the earlier cooking process Tolar described as elaborate, where meth is cooked in a fixed location using lots of equipment.

“In the process, the reaction creates pressure in the container so you’re constantly having to release pressure by loosening the cap (of the container),” he said. “If you don’t loosen the cap it explodes and the chemicals are corrosive.”

He said the number of meth cooks and mobile meth cooks has decreased significantly since the Mississippi Legislature passed a law in 2010 requiring a prescription to buy medicine containing pseudoephedrine, the key ingredient in meth.

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