Tanglefoot Trail signs destroyed in Pontotoc County

Pontotoc Progress At least four signs on the Tanglefoot Trail in Pontotoc County were destroyed.

David Helms

Pontotoc Progress

PONTOTOC – Tanglefoot Trail officials reported last week that at least four trail signs were recently destroyed by vandals.

Tanglefoot Trail Maintenance Superintendent Keith Herring said replacing the signs would cost at least $300, but more importantly emphasized the danger aspect of the senseless destruction.

“One sign was stolen, but three of the signs were shot and then run over and broken off,” Herring said.

“Those signs were shot with a shotgun or rifle and someone walking, running or riding the trail could have been killed,” Herring stressed.

“Some people are on the trail very early in the morning and others are on it until dark, but that type of reckless destruction could have cost someone their life,” he said.

Herring said the signs were destroyed near mile marker 18, which is located near Higgins Trail south of Algoma.

“Signs are on the trail for directional and safety purposes for folks using the trail and for motorists crossing the trail,” Herring said.

“Depending on which signs are stolen or destroyed, it could jeopardize someone’s safety.

“And signs such as mile markers are there to help direct emergency personnel to the scene of a trail accident.”

Herring said the sign destruction is the first major problem since the Tanglefoot Trail officially opened in September 2013.

“Golf cart officers with the sheriff’s department patrol the trail every day, but they can’t be everywhere, and this probably happened after hours,” he said.

“Folks from near and far are enjoying the trail, and we encourage the public to assist in any way they can by reporting anything suspicious or destructive on the trail.

“If anyone knows any information about the sign destruction, or ever sees anything being damaged, we urge them to contact the Pontotoc County Sheriff’s Department,” he said.

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