Tupelo SWAT team called to Terry Road incident


By William Moore

Daily Journal

TUPELO - A potential hostage situation involving weapons was diffused Thursday night in south Tupelo.

Police were called to a domestic situation on Terry Road around 7 p.m..

“The man who lives at the house had been diagnosed with cancer and was really distraught,” said Tupelo Police Chief Bart Aguirre. “He would never come out and cooperate.

“His girlfriend told us there were guns in the house so we called in our hostage negotiator and the SWAT team.”

While the man did fire one shot inside the house, the negotiator was able to comfort the man and talk him down. The suspect, whose name is not being released, eventually came outside and was taken in for observation.

“It all turned out for the best,” said Aguirre. “The ambulance gave him a ride instead of the police.”

The man was not arrested, but he could still face a domestic violence charge.

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