By William Moore

Daily Journal

TUPELO – An early afternoon wreck on US Highway 45 backed up traffic for three miles.

According to Tupelo Police Sgt. Brett Moyer, there were only minor injuries in the wreck between a car and an 18-wheeler. The truck jackknifed on the bridge over the Kansas City Southern Railroad blocked both northbound lanes just south of the Front Street exit.

“The wreck is still under investigation, but it appears the car drifted into the left lane where the truck was,” said Moyer. “He tried to give the car room but hit the barricade, which caused the car to spun and the truck to jackknife.”

The driver of the car was taken to the North Mississippi Medical Center for observation.

The wreck occurred around 1:40 p.m. Northbound traffic was backed up to Eason Boulevard, where police were diverting traffic. The road was cleared and reopened at 2:15, but it took another 20 minutes for the long line of cars and trucks to clear the area.

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