The following reports were filed Thursday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

A County Road 1567 Mooreville man said a neighbor down the road is dragging brush from their property and leaving it on his property across the road. He has not seen them do it but there are gravel marks in the road from the brush.

A County Road 53 woman said her boss asked her if she had filed an unemployment claim. She said no, and learned that someone had used her name and information to file an application. The human resources department caught the fraud before any funds were stolen.

A Chicago trucking company said one of their drivers picked up a load but never delivered it. Deputies went to the man's house. He said he was about to call the company and resign because they weren't treating him right. He said the truck is parked at the Chevron truck stop in Belden.

A Mitchell Road apartment complex manager said a tenant left for Florida three days ago and left his dog on the patio of the third floor apartment. Neighbors have reported dog food and feces falling onto the second and first floor patios. Another neighbor said the dog urinated on her.

A County Road 599 Saltillo woman let her grandson take her car to go test drive a vehicle. He said he left her car at a residence somewhere in Itawamba County and went for the test drive. When he returned, her car was gone.

A man said he and his wife were visiting relatives on Drive 1337 Mooreville. They left around 10 p.m. with him following his wife. As they passed a residence, a white male walked out to the road and slapped the windshield of the wife's car while yelling and cursing at her. The man confronted the suspect, telling him not to yell at his wife. The suspect turned around and walked back to his yard, still holding his beer. The man is concerned for his wife's safety, since she will have to return to the area often to see the relatives.

A Drive 1337 Mooreville woman said for about three months, people have been driving recklessly up and down her drive at a high rate of speed and she is concerned about the safety of children in the area. She said her husband tried to speak to the driver of a speeding vehicle the other night but was confronted by the driver's husband, who was following behind her in another vehicle.

Tupelo Police Department

A Stone Street woman said she got into a verbal altercation with a female suspect the night before at an unknown location. She drove home and parked her car just after midnight. The next morning, she noticed her car had been vandalized.

A man said the city-issued garbage can at his Chesterville Road rental property was missing. He last noticed the green Dumpster around March 10.

A landlord said a tenant is destroying his South Broadway rental property. The tenant broke a window, took down four smoke detectors and removed all the cabinet doors. The landlord replaced one smoke detector, which the tenant then removed. He said the tenant is removing the smoke detectors because the landlord doesn't allow smoking in the house. The landlord noted there is also a strong odor of marijuana inside the house.

A woman said that while at Johnnie's Drive In, a man driving a white Kia Sportage backed into her Chevy Equinox, denting the rear hatch.

A Rhenda Street woman said she left her car parked on the street last night. This morning, she noticed the 2014 Hyundai Sante Fe had damage between the headlight and fog light.

A man said he just purchased a Lumpkin Avenue house and the city-issued garbage can was missing. He needed a police report to get a new one.

A woman requested an escort to get her belongings from a room at the Scottish Inn. She said she and her boyfriend had been living in the room until she was arrested the night before for domestic violence. When they got to the room, her clothing and other personal items were missing. She thinks the boyfriend stole her stuff or stashed it somewhere without her permission.

A Clark Boulevard man heard his car's alarm going off around 6 p.m. He went outside to turn it off and noticed a car had clipped the left rear bumper, causing minor damage and setting off the alarm.

A Lockridge Street woman said she had an agreement with a man to fix her car. He took the car to repair it and took $30 cash from inside the car. She said he didn't have permission to take the money. She was planning to pay him later.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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