The following reports were filed Wednesday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

A County Road 1282 Tupelo woman said she and her husband got into an altercation because she was sick and had a hard time getting into the vehicle. She had a hard time getting out of the truck at a Skyline store, and he left before deputies arrived.

A County Road 2296 Saltillo woman is going through a divorce and has a restraining order against her husband. He has been driving past her house, despite the order to stay at least 1,500 feet away from her.

An Old Union Road Shannon woman said a neighbor's dog was barking at her son. She did not see the dog, but heard her son say, "Don't let your dog bite me."

A Mitchell Road woman said her ex-boyfriend has been hanging around the apartment complex harassing her. She said it is an ongoing problem and she has filed a report before. She is concerned for her son's safety. Deputies asked the man to leave around 9 a.m. and he did. He returned about an hour later, prompting deputies to arrest him for failure to comply.

A County 783 Saltillo woman said she is in the process of moving. Her landlord came by around 8:30 p.m. and told her she needed to be gone today. She said the landlord never gave her a proper eviction notice.

A County Road 1029 woman said a white female with short purple hair driving a silver Ford pulled up behind her house and looked in the windows before knocking on the back door. She was acting very suspicious and said she was collecting money for her church due to the pandemic. She said her church is in Aberdeen and did not stop at any other houses.

A County Road 41 Tupelo man said he was concerned about the safety of his 21-year-old daughter whose ex-boyfriend just got out of jail. She has not returned his text messages, but the daughter has texted her sister. The man is concerned the ex might be sending those texts.

A Drive 197 Palmetto woman got a threatening text from an unknown number. The caller threatened to kill her sister, other family members and said the woman would be next.

A County Road 1438 Mooreville woman said her 16-year-old daughter got into a physical altercation with a 17-year-old female. The other girl is now threatening them, saying she would get a large group to jump the daughter and damage the woman's property.

Tupelo Police Department

A Hillshire Place man said someone stole her city-issued garbage can.

A McCullough Boulevard apartment manager said a female tenant reported a male acquaintance kicked in her door, causing $600 in damages.

A Scruggs Farm, Garden and Home employee said a white female tried to shoplift. When employees tried to detain her, she threw a $91 Dewalt battery out of her purse and ran out the door. She fled the scene in a white Chevy Impala driven by a Black man.

A janitorial business owner said he had to fire an employee this morning but she refused to turn in the keys to a South Green Street factory. He contacted the factory and told them the woman should not be on their property for any reason.

A Ranch Road man said someone stole a .380-caliber pistol from his unlocked car. The last time he saw the gun was two weeks ago.

A Jefferson Street woman said her adult son borrowed her 2012 Ford Focus three months ago and still has not returned it.

A man was harassing customers at the North Gloster Waffle House and asking them to buy marijuana around 5 p.m. Police told the man to leave the area and stop harassing customers. About 15 minutes later, police started getting calls that the same 42-year-old white male was asking customers at the gas station next door to buy marijuana. He was charged with disorderly conduct and carried to the county jail.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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