The following reports were filed Wednesday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

A MTD Verona supervisor was about to conduct a drug test on a male employee when he pulled a pill bottle of marijuana out of his pants. She called 911 to document the situation. 1-14

A County Road 127 Shannon man said he was served a 14-day eviction notice by his son. He was trying to remove his belongings when the 38-year-old son arrived and caused a disturbance. The father said he owned the trailer and some of the contents, but the son owns the land where it sits. 1-14

A County Road 1650 Eggville man said a person in a gold Yukon or Tahoe has been speeding and driving dangerously every morning between 6:45 and 6:50. He is concerned about the safety of people along the road. 1-14

A Byhalia woman said after smoking meth at a man’s County Road 600 Shannon house, she fell asleep. The man, who she only knows by a first name, used her truck while she was passed out and refused to return her keys until she called 911. 1-14

A County Road 1282 Tupelo man said someone burglarized a car and several storage buildings. They tried to break into the house but were unsuccessful. The thieves took sheet metal off of two sheds and stole tools, lawn mower batteries, a riding mower and two window unit air conditioners. The house had a window broken and the front storm door was damaged. 1-14

A County Road 1009 Tupelo woman said her tenants have told her she cannot use the bathroom. The couple in their 30s stay in another section of the house but say there is only one working bathroom. She said rent is supposed to be $200 a month plus half the utilities. The couple has only paid $180 in the seven months they have been there. She has filed for eviction. 1-14

A County Road 506 Shannon man said while his kids were getting off the school bus, a man driving a Chevy Trailblazer was speeding and couldn’t stop. He drove into the ditch on the right side and slid to a stop past the bus door, where his kids were about to exit. When he told the 27-year-old white male driver that he was calling 911, the suspect fled the scene. He returned and removed the vehicle from the ditch before deputies arrived. 1-14

A Mooreville woman said she was working the Gilvo election precinct for the school bond election Tuesday. Around 6:20 p.m., a white couple in their early 20s walked in and asked for a ride to the Tin Top Restaurant (2 miles up Highway 178). When told the poll workers could not leave, the young woman borrowed a phone to call someone to pick them up. The couple, who appeared to be under the influence of something, left after making their call. 1-14

A County Road 1 Tupelo man paid $1,600 for a Honda Accord but the seller refuses to give him the title. The seller sent two repossession agents to the man's house to get the car. They damaged the front bumper in the process. 1-14.

A man was headed north on Highway 45 at 4:15 a.m. when he spotted a body laying on the side of the road just north of Barnes Crossing Road. He pulled over and flashed his headlights to flag down a passing deputy. The deputy walked up to the 32-year-old man laying on the side of the road asleep. The man said he was walking back to Iuka and laid down to get some rest but he was OK. When a radio check for warrants come back clear, the man was allowed to continue on his journey. 1-15

Tupelo Police Department

A West Main Walmart employee said a black male put two televisions in a shopping cart and rolled it to the exit door. When the manager stepped in front of the suspect, he fled with one of the $200 Vizio televisions. 1-14

Officers responded to an East Main laundromat around 1:30 a.m. for a man and a woman having a verbal argument. A 27-year-old intoxicated white female got out of a Ford Explorer, became irate, started using profanities and refused to comply with officers. When told to stand with the wall to her back, she started banging her head on the wall. After being arrested, she banged her head against the inside of the patrol car. At the jail, she banged her head against the concrete wall, causing her to fall down. Jail staff put her in a restraint chair and booked her on charges of public intoxication, open container and disorderly conduct. 1-14

A Boggan Drive woman said she got out of the shower and noticed a text from a female acquaintance saying she was on her way. She heard someone outside screaming and yelling. She looked out and saw the pregnant acquaintance and another woman arguing with her boyfriend and blocking his car. The woman wrapped a towel around herself, walked outside and told the acquaintance to leave. When the suspect took a swing at her, the woman's towel fell off, leaving her in the yard naked and fighting. 1-14

A South Canal Street man said someone entered his unlocked car overnight and stole his wallet, $150 in cash, three credit cards and a Taurus 9mm pistol. They also stole his cousin's AK 47 pistol. 1-14.

A South Green Street woman said a female acquaintance approached her in the parking lot after work around 2:30 p.m. and hit her in the face, pulled her hair and scratched her face. Witnesses corroborated the report. 1-14.

The Tractor Supply Company manager said two men entered the store and put on new boots. A 33-year-old white male made a small purchase and attempted to leave without paying for the Justin boots he was wearing. He was detained for police and charged with shoplifting. The other man, a 46-year-old white male, made it out of the store in Carhart boots and drove off in a silver Toyota Camry. He returned before police arrived and was arrested as well. 1-14

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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