The following reports were filed Wednesday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

A woman said a male relative refused to get out of her truck. She stopped at the guard shack at her workplace on CDF Boulevard in Verona, but he still refused to budge.

A flooring company was working at a County Road 1009 church when they noticed two men walking around the church and looking in the work van. When the men discovered they were being watched, they knocked on the church door and asked for water.

A Mooreville man reported that over the weekend, someone stole a 14-foot utility trailer loaded with an unknown quantity of 14-foot long 2x4s from a Meadowland Road home construction site.

A County Road 1409 Mooreville man has been recovering from surgery at his sister's house. When he went to check on his house, he discovered someone had broken into the house and shed and stole a table saw, planer saw, several drills and a wide assortment of hand tools and wrenches. He thinks his 27-year-old son could be responsible.

A County Road 251 Saltillo man said when he tried to run off a stray dog, it got aggressive.

A County Road 231 Guntown woman said a couple of relatives have been parking in her yard and sleeping in their vehicle. She makes them leave, but the 40-year-old woman and 32-year-old man return at night. She said they have been yelling and cursing at her when she tells them to leave.

A County Road 506 Shannon man said his nephew next door called and said his 59-year-old cousin was outside going through their vehicles.

A Garden Park Drive woman said her ex-boyfriend showed up beating on the doors and windows. She had placed some of the items he was coming to get on the porch. There was an agreement that he would have a deputy with him before trying to get items from inside. He did not and was arrested on a domestic violence warrant.

An Amory woman said her mother texted that she was going to hurt herself. Once the woman got to the mother's County Road 1277 Nettleton home, she learned the mother just wanted someone to talk to.

A County Road 1205 Nettleton man said his neighbor's five large breed dogs are becoming more aggressive. They came home to find the dogs chasing the cats, then scratching the side of his vehicle trying to get to the cats on top of the truck.

A County Road 1438 Mooreville man said a 51-year-old man showed up at 12:30 a.m. beating on the door. The visitor said a black male chased him through the woods. He added that a blue Dodge Durango was also chasing him. He told the responding deputy that he hurt his arm when he fell in the woods. Medics transported him to the hospital.

Tupelo Police Department

A man said he was at a North Gloster Street motel with a female. He walked outside for a moment. When he came back, his cell phone and laptop computer were gone. So was the female, who left in a blue Ford F-250.

A Walker Street man said a male came over and asked to borrow a lighter. When he said he didn't have one, the suspect punched him in the face and shoved him to the ground.

A Beasley Drive woman parked her car on the street. The next morning, the Hyundai Sonata had damage to the front bumper, where someone apparently backed into it.

A Forrest Hill man said he ordered more than $165 in merchandise online from The Golf Warehouse. The tracking software shows Federal Express delivered the package June 6 but he said he never received anything.

A Tupelo Hardware employee said a white female in her 50s picked up two bottles of canned air duster and left her debit card at the register around 11:30 a.m. She went into the bathroom but didn't come out with the two bottles. She got another bottle, paid for it and left. When confronted outside, she admitted taking the items and left the scene.

A man said he was at a Monument Drive apartment complex and got into an argument with his ex-girlfriend over some clothes. He said she then drove her blue Mazda into the front bumper of the car he was driving, before driving away.

An off-duty corrections officer spotted a woman huffing air duster in front of the North Gloster Walmart. He followed the 56-year-old woman until police could arrive. The dazed woman, who had the empty bottle in her hand, admitted inhaling the air duster, but said she didn't know what it was. Police found receipts where she had purchase two-packs of air duster at 9:30 that morning and again at 1:30 that day. She was arrested, charged with failure to comply and public intoxication.

A man told pole someone keeps vandalizing the house he is remodeling on Reed Street. He thinks people are staying in the house, but is unable to "keep an eye on it on a regular basis." He said windows and a door frame have been broken since he was there a month ago.

A woman said while shopping at the South Gloster Walmart, she left her cell phone and wallet case in the motorized cart. When she returned more than an hour later, the phone was gone and had not been turned in to the store. The wallet contained her driver's license, Social Security card, three credit cards and $50 in cash.

A woman said her car had a flat tire on Highway 45 around midnight July 7, so she left the car there. When she returned two days later, someone had broken the right front window and gone through the car. Nothing appeared to be stolen.

A Monument Drive man said overnight, someone went through his unlocked car. Nothing appeared to have been stolen.

A Van Street man said a male suspect who lives a few street over keeps driving by harassing him by blowing the horn and pointing his finger at him. He said it started with a road rage incident.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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