The following reports were filed Wednesday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

A Blue Springs man said his checkbook was stolen from his truck at a Tupelo trucking depot. After he filed a report with the Tupelo Police Department, he learned a woman forged and cashed a $980 check at a county line store. He has already closed the account but needs a report to keep the bank from taking the money from his account.

An Amory man said he was visiting church members on County Road 1205 Nettleton when his small dog was attacked by two St. Bernard-mix dogs. His Maltipoo suffered numerous injuries. The owner of the dogs said he would pay the vet bills, but the man still wanted a police report to document the incident.

A County Road 951 Guntown woman reported finding a black 1993 Chevy Z28. Deputies found the vehicle that had been reported stolen from Tupelo. Tupelo police arrived and took possession of the car.

A County Road 1390 Mooreville woman said someone broke into her house and stole her car, a 2005 Mercedes C240. The thieves took a window unit air conditioner, a purse and her wallet that contained the Social Security cards of herself and her four children.

A County Road 931 Auburn man said his daughter saw a white male wearing all black running away from the house and toward the woods ay 9 p.m. When he got home, he saw a white male in a white T-shirt on a bicycle ride out of the woods and head south on County Road 1057.

A County Road 711 Tupelo man said a neighbor said two people were trespassing on his property, so he called 911. When deputies arrived, they searched the area and the suspects had apparently left.

A County Road 2890 said he was driving north on County Road 2890 around 11:30 p.m. and saw a gray van with all the doors open and several suspects standing in the road. The vehicle then drove past his house with the doors open and the headlights off. The van turned around, drove by again and the occupants yelled at the man. He pulled out a pistol and fired a shot in the ground to scare them off. They drove by a couple of more times before leaving.

Tupelo Police Department

A Tedford Street man said he and his girlfriend got into a verbal altercation around 1 a.m. The parties separated and the man agreed to leave for the night. While police were talking to the man beside the patrol car, they heard rushing air coming from his left front tire. The girlfriend was standing beside the tire but had no sharp objects in her hand and the tire did not appear punctured. The man accused her of cutting his tire and wanted her arrested, but there was no evidence against her.

A Goodlett Street woman said she applied for a new money card with the Social Security Administration because her card was old. She never got a new card in the mail but noticed her entire $700 "check" was missing. She later found the paperwork for the new card inside her house. Since there are multiple people staying there, she is unsure who stole her money.

A North Veterans Boulevard business said a woman rented a white tuxedo for a man months ago. The $400 suit was supposed to be returned Feb. 16 but as of June 9, it still had not.

A man said he was installing a roof on the North Gloster KFC and noticed a female in his truck. When he went to confront her, he recognized her. She begged him not to call her grandfather and ran south down Robins Street. When he checked, his house keys, truck keys and bank statements were missing from the truck cab. He called back and said the suspect is living in a camper off Fellowship Road near the fire department.

An East Bay Circle man said his lawn was damaged by a neighbor mowing onto his property. He claimed the neighbor has come onto his property before and moved things around. The officer talked to the neighbor, who said he had mowed the other man's property by accident before but there was no ill will. The neighbor said the man has filed simple assault by threat charges against him in the past because of their dispute over the property line.

A North Gloster Walmart employee said a white female in the self checkout lane scanned two sets of body jewelry but didn't scan a third set and tried to leave without paying. When confronted, the female gave the employee her ID. When the employee started to take a picture of the driver's license, the suspect grabbed the ID, ran out the door and fled in a Jeep Cherokee with a Florida tag.

A Meadow Drive woman said her family was outside drinking with the family next door around 11 p.m. A few people exchanged words and a fight broke out. She said her boyfriend was arguing with someone next door. When she tried to intervene, she was hit in the right side of her head with a closed fist. She did not have any visible marks or bruises on her head and declined further medical attention. The man she identified as the person who hit her left the party before police arrived.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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