The following reports were filed Wednesday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

A County Road 1145 resident reported a suspicious person after noticing a black male in all black near the end of her driveway. The woman said he was standing there on his phone for a long time, but the subject was already gone before deputies arrived.

An Old Natchez Trace Trail man reported a neighbor’s four dogs circled him and his three young daughters on his property. He said the dogs were growling and barking in an aggressive manner. The owner of the dogs picked them up before deputies arrived and told officers she was in the process of getting rid of two of them. The officer explained pet ordinances and no other action was taken at this time at the man’s request.

A County Road 711 man reported seeing a man on his residence on his camera. He saw the suspect walking back to the property with a gas can and ran away. The man said he stole five gallons of gas.

A County Road 752 woman reported she was home alone when she heard four wheelers near her home. She also heard multiple suspects tampering with the outside of her residence. She stated she did not see anyone outside and said the suspects left before deputies arrived.

A County Road 1501 Nettleton woman reported trespassing after seeing a white man dressed in black shining a flashlight behind her residence. She said she saw him run into the woods and that this is not the only time this has occurred. She believes he is trying to steal something.

Tupelo Police Department

A pizza delivery driver for a South Gloster restaurant was paid with four counterfeit $10 bills at a Brown Street residence. An employee said the woman was a black female who appeared to be in her mid-20s and ordered $34.36 worth of pizza. The employee said when he attempted to deposit money Tuesday, he was told the bills were fake and had replica on the top left corner.

An argument between a South Green Street tenant and his brother resulted in the apartment manager reporting a disturbance. The tenant was arguing with and shoving another male subject with two other male subjects on scene. When the apartment manager arrived, the subjects got in a black Hyundai sedan driven by the tenant’s brother. A passenger threatened her and said, “You can get your head busted, too, you can get this business.” The tenant was contacted and told the responding officer his brother lived with him, but after an argument he told him to leave. The officer observed a broken television, but the man reported nothing physical occurred.

A man reported he applied for a grant online and received a check for $2,950 Friday. When he deposited the check, he was told a few days later it was not real.

A man reported a hit and run at the intersection of Cliff Gookin and West Main after a silver Ford Taurus swerved into his lane and struck his vehicle. After pulling into a Sprint Mart, the driver told the man he didn’t want police involved due to current probation issues and possible warrants and offered him $20. When the man said he needed to call the police for insurance purposes, the driver jumped into his vehicle and left the scene.

A Poplarville Street woman said her five chickens were mauled by dogs belonging to a neighbor. The woman said the dogs forced their way through her backyard fence while she was at work. Another neighbor witnessed two dogs attacking and killing her chickens. He tried calling animal control with no success. When an officer notified the dogs’ owner, he admitted on his own free will that his dogs have previously killed his neighbor’s chickens. He said he was willing to pay for the chickens.

A man turned on a gas powered heater in his RV. He was about to light it when he realized he couldn’t find his cell phone and went outside to retrieve it. Before he could return to his RV, he noticed it had caught on fire. Tupelo Fire Department was able to contain the fire. The vehicle was uninsured, and the man stated he had a .308 rifle, crossbow, and hunting gear inside. The man had a personal friend tow the vehicle.

An officer initiated a traffic stop for a vehicle with no working tail or tag lights. The officer said the car was swerving and abruptly pulled in a Beasley Drive address. The officer said the driver was agitated over the reason for the stop. The officer reported smelling the odor of an intoxicating beverage on his breath and person. When asked if he had been drinking of if he was the designated driver, he said, “Both.” During vehicle inventory, the officer saw a bottle of vodka. The man claimed the vodka and refused a breath test at both the scene and at the Lee County’s Sheriff Office. He was charged with open container, disorderly conduct: failure to comply, DUI 1st, improper equipment, and careless driving.

A man reported getting a flat tire from a pothole on North Thomas Street. He said there were no traffic cones or warning signs for the hole.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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