The following reports were filed Wednesday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

A State Park Road man reported five dogs began barking at him and charged him when he exited his home to get into his vehicle. The man ran back to his residence. He said he believes the dogs belong to his neighbors.

A Drive 1337 Mooreville woman said her Lee County trash can was stolen. She last saw it in her driveway Tuesday.

A County Road 2346 Guntown man reported someone removed the padlock from his front door and left several valuable items behind but stole a Bluetooth speaker, five DVDs and food from inside his home.

A Drive 1183 man reported suspicious activity after a truck with bright lights and a loud exhaust drove near his yard, the neighbor’s new house, and down a lake levee. The man said no one should be in those areas and called law enforcement.

A County Road 931 man reported he and a friend have a misunderstanding over his stepdaughter. The man reported the acquaintance threatened to come over to his house and kill him. The man said prior conflicts have been verbal, but he now believes the acquaintance will follow through with the threat.

A County Road 1277 woman reported hearing a man yelling on the street across from her home.

Tupelo Police Department

A man was detained by a loss prevention officer for attempting to shoplift seven DVDs, valued at $68.26, and four boxes of Remington shotgun shells, valued at $53.82, from the North Gloster Walmart. Once law enforcement was contacted, the suspect was handcuffed and transported to Lee County Jail in a patrol car. During transportation, the suspect complained of chest pain, and upon arrival at the jail, he was examined by medics who advised he was having a panic attack. The man was turned over to jail staff and charged with shoplifting.

A South Gloster Street department store reported a woman attempted to pay for items using a counterfeit $100 bill. When the bill didn’t mark correctly and had what the assistant manager reported as Chinese writing on the back, the assistant manager called 911. The woman said she didn’t know the bill was fake and wasn’t sure how she got it. The bill was photographed and collected as evidence and the woman was released on the scene.

A woman on East Shands Street claimed to have been scammed by a woman who claimed she sold children’s clothes. The woman had contacted the suspect to purchase clothes for her son, and the suspect said she wanted to be paid the money ahead of time for a total of $70. The woman agreed to pay half, $37.50, via Cash App and has not heard from the suspect.

Two Louella Street women reported an unknown group of juveniles in the area destroyed their government mailboxes. Neither could identify the suspects but pictures were taken of the damage and one caller said she would notify the postal service of the damage.

A man turned in a lost wallet found on a Rock Creek Lane road. The wallet had both a state driver’s license and Visa card, but the unknown man who turned it in was unable to reach the owner via the number listed. The wallet was placed in a property envelope.

A Grant Street man claimed that his weed eater was stolen by a man who cut his yard nearly a month ago. The man claimed the suspect used his weed eater to finish the job and did not return it afterwards. Later, mutual friends informed him the suspect had pawned his weed eater at a West Main Street pawn shop.

A South Eason Boulevard Quick Stop employee reported an approximately 25-year-old white woman with tied black hair tried to spend a counterfeit $20 bill. The employee stated he would provide security footage, and the bill was collected as evidence.

A woman reported she and her boyfriend were in a North Gloster fitness center when they noticed a woman they were trying to avoid. Though the couple tried to walk around the area she was in, the suspect approached the woman and began physically assaulting her. The boyfriend stepped in to divide the two, and visible scratches and red marks were present on the woman. Pictures were taken, and video footage of the assault was available. The woman claimed the event was part of ongoing harassment.

A Bronson Street hospital reported an intoxicated woman was causing a verbal disturbance in the emergency room and was advised to leave the premises after she signed herself out of treatment. The woman was speaking loudly when a TPD officer arrived to speak with security, and when the officer spoke with the woman, the officer noticed the smell of an intoxicating beverage on her breath. The woman also swayed, almost fell several times, and had to be assisted in standing up. She was handcuffed and arrested for public intoxication, and while in the patrol car she made “several threats and statements consistent with a heavily intoxicated individual.” She was handed over to booking officers.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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