The following reports were filed Wednesday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

A County Road 304 Plantersville man said he and his wife are divorcing. She left a week ago, taking his car, and will not return it. He said he has received pictures of his wife smoking meth while sitting on another man's lap.

A County Road 653 Tupelo woman said her mother's ex-boyfriend drove past her house several times harassing her. He damaged multiple vehicles at her mother's house and has threatened to damage hers as well.

A County Road 1353 Mooreville man said he was getting ready to leave his house and discovered someone has left a black Pontiac G6 in his driveway. He had no idea who the car belongs to or why they left it on his property.

A County Road 2216 Saltillo woman said her brother called, threatening to beat her up. He also threatened her husband and father. She said her brother has a drug problem and has been very violent in the past.

A County Road 1145 Mooreville man said a white sedan pulled up at an abandoned house next door. The car sat there for about 30 minutes before leaving. He wanted law enforcement to know in case it was related to drug use.

A County Road 643 Shannon woman returned home and discovered the driver's door of her 2012 Dodge Charger was damaged. She texted her ex and he said he was not responsible. She later heard the passenger side window of the car breaking around 2 a.m. When she looked out, she saw him leaving the property.

A County Road 931 Auburn woman reported someone stole her county-issued garbage can.

A County Road 885 Saltillo woman said she put her county-issued garbage can in her driveway before leaving to go to dinner. When she got home, the can was missing.

A Mount Vernon Road man said while he was out of town, his 34-year-old brother was going to come over and paint a room. When the man returned, several photos were missing from the wall and feces was smeared all over the bathroom walls. He said his brother has had a drug problem before and thinks he put something in the tea jug in the refrigerator, because he felt jittery after drinking some.

A Drive 1167 Plantersville man said he has been notified that someone in Ecru has been using his Social Security number to try to secure large loans. He thinks an acquaintance of his daughter is responsible.

A Point Lookout Trail man said a neighbor unhooked his cable line from the power pole because "she had to mow and the cable was in the way." He said this is the second time she has unhooked his cable. The cable company advised him to get a police report.

A woman said she was picking up a friend for work. When she knocked on the door, the roommate's dog came out from under the porch and bit her on the leg, breaking the skin. She fled the scene and went to the North Mississippi Medical Center for medical treatment.

A Shiloh Road Eggville woman said an unknown man on a four-wheeler pulled into her driveway around 11 p.m. He removed a solar-powered light from a pole beside the drive, then drove away.

Tupelo Police Department

An Eason Boulevard woman went to the police station to add more information to a previous report about her boyfriend breaking the windshield, side mirror and passenger door of her 2008 Honda on Aug. 20. She said he also caused minor damage to the interior and left several small dents on the exterior.

A Roosevelt Street man returned from a trip and found the driver's side window down on his parked car. When he checked, his .25-caliber pistol was missing. He did not know the make or serial number of the gun he purchased at a pawn shop.

A woman said she was at work at a South Gloster store when a part-time coworker came in and began threatening her. The suspect tried to get the woman to fight, until management stepped in and separated them. The suspect was told to leave and banned from the store.

A South President man reported his 9mm pistol was stolen from his truck. He thinks it happened while the truck was unlocked in the parking lot of the Barnes Crossing Kroger. He said he left the gun in a soft case on the passenger seat of the unlocked truck.

A woman said while she was inside the South Gloster McDonald's, a gray Nissan backed into her car, damaging the left rear bumper. The Nissan driver left a note with her name, phone number and tag number. The tag came back to a gray 2012 Nissan Maxima owned by the person listed on the note.

A Garfield Street woman said she and her boyfriend got into an altercation. When he went outside to cool down, she locked the door. He got mad and started kicking the door, damaging it. When she called 911, he left on foot.

A Willena Street man said two pit bulls chased his cat under his vehicle, causing damage to the undercarriage. He said the dogs have killed several cats in the neighborhood.

Officers stopped a car at the intersection of Nelle and Exchange streets around 11:45 p.m. after the driver had turned around to avoid a safety checkpoint. When the car stopped, the passenger jumped out and ran. The officer stayed with the driver, who had a mixed drink in the center console and whose license was suspended. The 45-year-old man was charged with open container, driving with a suspended license and failure to comply with an officer's order.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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