The following reports were filed Monday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

A Cotton Gin Lane Saltillo man said his security camera showed a suspect in a hoodie enter his garage at 3:40 a.m. and check to see if the cars were locked. Since they were locked, the suspect left.

A Cotton Gin Lane man said overnight, someone went through his unlocked truck and stole a few prescription pain killers but left several expansive items.

Deputies were alerted about a stolen vehicle spotted at a County Road 506 Shannon store. A deputy stopped the female driver. She said she bought the car from a Black male but could not remember his name.

A County Road 1409 Mooreville said someone used her Social Security Number to rent a car in Florida and did not return the car.

A County Road 783 Guntown woman said her 69-year-old father-in-law refused to allow her into her home that she has shared with her husband for the last nine years. She tried to get through a window since she did not have a key. While the deputy was on scene, the man gave the woman the house key.

A County Road 1410 Mooreville man returned from a trip to find his back door and kitchen window open. There were footprints inside and outside the house. Several windows were broken. The sink and toilet in a bathroom had been shattered. A Walther pistol, a Case knife, a silver bracelet, a Fossil watch and a lock box had been stolen.

A County Road 1009 Tupelo woman said after an altercation, deputies told her boyfriend to leave and stay away for 24 hours to let things calm down. When he came home sooner and tried to start a conversation, she called 911.

An Okolona woman said her SUV was overheating so she left it on the side of Interstate 22 near the Mooreville exit. When she returned two days later, the 2003 GMC Yukon was missing.

A Big Harpe Trail Tupelo man said he heard a loud noise in his screened porch around 9 p.m. There were two dogs on the porch where his cat stays. He could not see the cat and the dogs were growling at him. He eventually got the dogs out of the porch and ran them off.

A County Road 2578 Guntown man reported a small horse or shetland pony in his front yard around 10:30 p.m.

A Laney Road Shannon heard three or four gunshots behind her house. She has lived there for years and never heard gunshots.

A Plantersville man said he went to spray his County Road 814 cotton field and discovered someone had ridden through the field damaging two rows of crop. The following day, his father noticed two more rows had been damaged. It appears someone is cutting across the property to get to an adjoining property.

A County Road 417 Guntown woman said a light colored Husky with bright blue eyes has been digging around the front of her fence. The dog is not aggressive and she doesn't know who it belongs to.

A West Garrison woman said a brown Oldsmobile pulled up at her house and a redheaded white female wearing a red shirt, blue jean shorts and yellow socks got out. The suspect, who appeared to be on drugs, was acting strangely and talking crazily. The driver wrote "Police weren't dead yet" on a piece of paper, handed it to the woman, then drove away. The 25-year-old suspect was arrested in Plantersville for public intoxication a short time later.

A County Road 1282 Tupelo woman said her estranged husband showed up at the house, so she ran to her room and called 911. She was not sure what he did at the house but she noticed a $100 bill missing.

A 53-year-old County Road 1682 Tupelo man got into a verbal altercation with his 29-year-old nephew. The younger man went out to his car and got a machete. The man went to his truck, got a gun and fired it four or five times into the ground. The nephew left in a car but returned later. He fled on foot before deputies arrived.

A Saltillo man said he heard that a man was living in an old abandoned shed on his Drive 1576 Tupelo property. Deputies checked the property. There were signs that someone had been there, but not recently.

A County Road 855 store employee said a white female with red blonde hair (shaved on one side) picked up a Brewer Grocery T-shirt, a can of Bud Light and a candy bar. She began cursing at other patrons, then walked out of the store without paying for the $23.64 in merchandise. The suspect drove away in a 2003 Buick Century.

A County Road 1409 Mooreville woman said a man has been driving way too fast in a Volkswagen Passat. She is scared someone will get hurt or killed.

A County Road 1201 Plantersville man said a female acquaintance showed up with two men in the car and asked if he wanted to buy a television. He told them to leave. They said they were headed to the Summit Center in Tupelo to try to sell the TV.

A County Road 659 Tupelo woman said she was headed home from the store in Verona when her ex-boyfriend started following her. She was afraid the ex was trying to hurt her new boyfriend, who was in the car with her. When they got home, the ex said he was going to get his gun to kill the new boyfriend. When she got on the phone to call 911, the ex decided to leave.

A County Road 115 Shannon man said he could hear loud music coming from the mobile homes known as Club 38 around 10:30 p.m. on a Saturday. He said he was trying to sleep but couldn't because of the noise.

A County Road 1310 Mooreville man said he was sitting in his carport with the lights off around 11:30 p.m. when an unknown white male walked into the carport. When he called out, the suspect, who appeared to be in his 40s, took off running.

A County Road 111 Shannon woman said she let a man use her Social Security debit card to "borrow" $35 around 10 p.m. At 12:30 the following morning, he had not returned the card and will not answer his phone.

Deputies responded to the hospital where a 42-year-old Black man was being treated for a stab wound. The victim said it happened somewhere on Green Tee Road but was adamant that he would say nothing else. The female who carried him to the emergency room said she picked him up on the west end of Green Tee Road, near Haven Acres but he did not tell her any details of what happened.

A Hayes Drive woman said she heard someone banging on her back door around 5 a.m. She got up, went to the door and called out to see who it was. When no one answered, she called 911.

A County Road 2578 Guntown woman called 911 because her horse was in the road and she needed deputies to help catch it. She had the horse inside the fence by the time deputies arrived but said she wanted deputies to take the animal. When deputies said they could not, she got "agitated and started cursing." She then admitted it was not her horse but she had "adopted" it about three weeks ago. When told she was responsible for any damages the animal causes if it gets out, she threatened to shoot the animal.

A North Street Shannon woman said her .380 Glock pistol was stolen or missing. She said she put the gun in her purse when she went to Nautical Whimsey in Tupelo. She is not sure if she put the gun back in the car afterward. The next day, she noticed the gun was not in her purse or vehicle. She noted that she leaves the car unlocked at home.

A Lake Lamar Bruce employee said a female is using drugs while staying at one of the lake's campsites. He asked her to remove the camper. She was not present when deputies arrived.

Tupelo Police Department

No reports filed since July 31.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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