The following reports were filed Monday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

An Auburn resident reported a homeless man under a bridge had a fire going. The suspect was arrested for vagrancy.

A County Road 1145 Tupelo woman said she woke up a female relative because her pit bull was messing with the woman’s mother. The relative went into a rage and began throwing things around the house and out in the yard.

A Winfield Drive Tupelo man said he got notice through the mail that someone used his name to take out a $1,000 loan. He did not know who did it.

A County Road 599 Saltillo man said he got into an argument with his brother. He left the house to call 911 for a deputy to escort him back to the house to get his belongings. He gathered his stuff without incident.

A Highway 178 Mooreville woman said an unwanted female acquaintance was beating on her door and windows wanting inside around 9:30 p.m.

A County Road 111 Shannon said someone knocked on her door around 10:30 p.m. When she opened the door, an unknown black male started yelling at her. He refused to leave until she called 911.

A Drive 1355 Mooreville woman said someone knocked on her back door after 10 p.m. She took a minute to answer the door. There was no one there, but she could smell cigarette smoke. She walked around her property and noticed someone had pried open the door to her shed. Nothing appeared to be missing.

A Euclatubba Road Saltillo woman heard a car pull into her drive after 11 p.m. and heard people talking outside the house. Deputies arrived but did not see a vehicle or people outside the house.

A County Road 778 Tupelo woman said her dog started barking around midnight. There was a red pickup she did not recognize off the side of the road near her house. When deputies arrived, the truck was empty and not causing a traffic hazard.

A Corinth woman said that her ex-husband was supposed to meet her at the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at 8 a.m. to exchange their kids according to a court order. He did not show up and will not return her calls.

A County Road 561 Shannon man said his girlfriend shot out the right rear tire of his truck with a .380 pistol. He said they had been drinking and got into an argument.

A Mooreville man noticed the door of his elderly neighbor’s County Road 1001 house was open and requested a welfare check. Deputies arrived and found no one inside.

A County Road 2578 Guntown woman said her 36-year-old granddaughter had been drinking and started a verbal altercation with the rest of the family. She managed to talk her down and get her to leave the house for a while.

A 30-year-old County Road 1463 Nettleton woman said she and her 56-year-old boyfriend have been arguing for several days. She told him to leave but he refused. He has been living there since she bought the house. She was told she needed to see a judge.

A Booneville man said he brought his dog to his sister-in-law's County Road 417 Guntown house for the family Thanksgiving. His dog attacked the host's dog and killed it.

A Reynard Drive Verona couple returned home and found the back door standing open. There was no sign of forced entry and the house appeared to be undisturbed.

A County Road 1145 Auburn woman said a female who lives next door started a verbal altercation with her mother. She said this is an ongoing issue between the two and she it tired of hearing them argue. The mother told a deputy that everything was OK and they could carry on.

A County Road 506 Shannon woman said her ex-husband followed her from her house to the store. She left and went to her husband's farm to get away from him. Once she made it to her husband, the ex left her alone.

A Hayes Drive man said his Ruger .380 pistol was missing. He kept the gun in his vehicle but he is not sure when it was taken.

A 56-year-old man said he and a 30-year-old woman have been living together in a County Road 1463 Nettleton house. She moved out a couple of days ago. She showed up with several people to collect her belongings. When she caused a disturbance, he called 911. She got some clothes and left the residence.

A County Road 417 Guntown man said a male acquaintance, who has been living with him and his mother for a month, wrote a check on the man's account for $260. There was also a fraudulent check for $125 on his mother's account.

A Drive 1337 Mooreville man said his fiancee and her brother got into a verbal altercation. Fearing it might escalate into a physical altercation, he called 911.

A County Road 1 Tupelo man said his 38-year-old son was at his house around 8:45 p.m. when the son "flipped out" and started trying to fight him and others at the house. He said the son is on drugs. The son and the man's wife left in a car headed to Sherman.

While a Cove Lane Tupelo man was out of town for Thanksgiving, someone broke into his home and stole a television, touchscreen computer, sound system and a 9mm pistol.

A Lakewood Drive man said a neighbor in a red Dodge pickup was driving recklessly. The truck was sideways at one point, then passed his residence at a high rate of speed and ran over his black and white cat.

A County Road 1145 Auburn woman said a female neighbor came over and started a verbal altercation. The neighbor then grabbed a knife and threatened to kill her. She left before deputies arrived.

A County Road 600 woman said she was away from home for a week. The house was locked when she left, but the back door was unlocked when she returned. Someone stole diamond earrings, a lock box, a New England Patriots collectors watch and five replica Patriots Super Bowl rings.

A County Road 501 Shannon woman noticed several transactions on her bank account that she did not make. There were three checks written over two days that totaled $1,74.11 and four online purchases from October totaling $790.62.

A County Road 255 Shannon man said he got into a verbal argument with a 19-year-old female relative over things she posted on Facebook that he felt should not have been aired in public. The female was gone by the time deputies arrived.

A Mitchell Road Tupelo man said he was in the apartment complex parking lot around 2 p.m. getting money out of his wallet. He put the wallet back in the side door of the car, but was unsure if he locked it. When he returned, $260 cash was missing from the wallet. He said there were two females outside near his car when he was getting his money.

A County Road 41 Tupelo woman said her 28-year-old son came over and caused a disturbance. He kicked in the back door of the residence, took her new driver's license out of her wallet and left before deputies arrived. She said the son was under the influence of narcotics.

Tupelo Police Department

No reports filed since Nov. 26.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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