The following reports were filed Monday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

An Aldridge Drive Mooreville woman said overnight, someone slashed the right rear tire on her Dodge pickup. She said the same thing happened the day before and she filed a report on that as well. She thinks the same male acquaintance is responsible. 1-10

A woman said her son called at 8 a.m. asking her to go to his County Road 331 Guntown house because his girlfriend was cutting up and burning his clothes. When the mother arrived, she could hear the 29-year-old girlfriend inside screaming. When deputies arrived, the girlfriend said everyone inside was OK and she was leaving “to get away from the situation.” 1-10

A man said while he was at work at a Jamie Whitten Boulevard Saltillo factory, someone stole his Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol from his unlocked truck. 1-10

A County Road 1850 Tupelo woman said a Saltillo couple had been texting repeatedly looking for their 18-year-old daughter. She said she told them she doesn’t know where she is, but they continue to text. 1-10

A County Road 128 Shannon woman said her 64-year-old father said if she kept messing with the water heater, he would hurt her. When she got home, he pulled in behind her and she was scared. 1-10

A man said someone broke into the Opry side of the Brewer Community Center and stole cash and soft drinks. The other half of the building was rented for a party so several people had access. 1-10

A 60-year-old County Road 151 Tupelo man said a 44-year-old woman lived with him for 8 months but moved out in October and kept her key. While he was in the hospital in December, someone entered the house and stole a generator, three winter coats and a microwave. When he asked her about the theft, she said she borrowed the generator and would bring it back, but she hasn’t. 1-10

A Baldwyn woman said she was driving down County Road 2788 when she hit a deer, damaging the front end of her vehicle. 1-10

A King’s Road Belden woman said she heard a soft knock on her door around 8:30 p.m. Deputies checked the property and found no one. 1-10

A man said he was helping a friend move a trailer on County Road 931. The trailer got stuck, leaving the truck blocking the road for a period of time. They eventually freed the trailer and opened the road. 1-10

A County Road 1279 Tupelo man said someone started beating on his front door at 4 a.m. He told the unknown white male to leave. He walked away but returned around the man's storm shelter. The suspect told the responding deputies that he ran his vehicle into a ditch and was knocking on doors, trying to get help. Deputies called for a wrecker. 1-11

A woman said she needed a deputy to escort her inside a County Road 331 Guntown house to get her belongings. She was outside the house, but left when the man inside came out with a gun. She said she would meet deputies at Brice's Crossroads. While deputies were on the way, she called back and said she was headed to Tremont. 1-11

A Mooreville man said his ex-wife invited him to spend the night at her Drive 1417 Tupelo residence. The next day, they got into a verbal argument and she wanted him to leave. So he did. 1-11

A County Road 295 Shannon man said overnight, someone stole four 17-inch tires and aluminum rims that fit a Chevrolet. 1-11

A Highway 371 Mooreville man said a gold truck and other vehicles keep coming out of County Road 1563 and race down the road at a high rate of speed. 1-11

A Highway 370 Baldwyn man said he lives with his cousin, who came home heavily intoxicated. There was a physical altercation that night and it resumed the following day, with the cousin chasing him down the driveway wielding a hammer. 1-11

A Highway 178 Skyline man called 911 when he saw a suspicious green SUV at one of his landlord's properties. Deputies talked to the driver, who said he lived there. The car's tag came back as the same address as well. 1-12

A County Road 506 Shannon man called 911 because a male acquaintance had been at his place all day and he wanted him to leave. Deputies asked the man to leave and go home. He left without incident. 1-11

A Highway 178 Mooreville man said a male suspect, his son and his son's friends have been speeding up and down the road. When the male tried to speak with the suspect, the suspect cursed at him. 1-12

A man was driving south on East Garrison Street when a car pulled out of a side street and hit the left front of his car. He said the female driver was on her phone at the time of the wreck. He did not have insurance and moved his car from the wreck scene. Deputies reported the man appeared to be under the influence when making the report. 1-12

A 29-year-old County Road 331 Guntown woman said she and her ex-boyfriend broke up three days ago and he moved out. When she got home, she noticed the kitchen table, the washer and dryer were gone. Her clothes, the kids clothes and toys were also missing. She said the ex has been very violent towards her since they broke up. She thinks he took the items out of spite. 1-12

A County Road 1251 Nettleton couple noticed a vehicle driving past several times, then pulling into the driveway. The husband went out and asked the man if he needed help. The man said he had a warrant and wanted to take care of them but didn't have enough gas to make it to the sheriff's office. The wife called 911 and deputies came to him, but the man didn't have any warrants. 1-12.

Tupelo Police Department

No reports filed since Jan. 10

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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