The following reports were filed Monday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

A County Road 506 Shannon woman said her husband showed up to get his truck and caused a disturbance.

A contractor said his crew poured a concrete driveway around 5 p.m. at a Highway 348 Guntown house. The next morning, they discovered someone did a burnout in the soft concrete. They slung concrete, digging down to the gravel. He said it would cost “a couple of thousand dollars” to fix.

A Raynard Drive Verona woman saw pending $1,619.99 transaction from a Best Buy in Chandler, Arizona on her bank account. She has never been to Arizona.

A County Road 811 Saltillo woman found a full bag of garbage on the roadside in front of her house. Dogs got into the bag and strew it across her yard. She tried to call the board of supervisors to get them to pick it up, but received no answer.

A County Road 1353 Mooreville woman said she can hear someone shooting a gun near her house. She believes one bullet hit a pine tree beside her house and she does not feel safe outside.

A Drive 1337 Mooreville man said someone recently moved in to the house behind his. They set up a target on a tree on their property and have been shooting at it with an AR-15. He said his house is down range and he is concerned.

A County Road 506 Shannon man said a Black couple was trying to break into a church by sliding a credit card into the door. When spotted, the suspects drove away in a blue Honda.

A County Road 1463 Nettleton man is having an ongoing problem with a couple trespassing on his property. When he said something to them, they left.

A Katie Anna Lane woman said she and a friend pulled up at her place and saw the maintenance man walk out of an apartment with a pistol in his hand. When she mentioned the gun, he hid it behind his back. She said the man had previously said he had a bullet for them and their friends.

A Highway 371 Mooreville woman said her neighbors were yelling and cursing at each other at 8 a.m. The couple told deputies it was only a verbal altercation and they were in the process of of moving out and heading to Oakland, Tennessee.

A 29-year-old County Road 783 Saltillo woman said her 45-year-old husband came in on her while she was in the bathroom and found an empty bag of methamphetamine. They got into an argument and she called 911. Deputies said the woman appeared to be under the influence of a narcotic and was arrested for possession of paraphernalia, and the baggie with drug residue.

An Acadian Circle Tupelo woman said overnight, someone entered her unlocked car and stole her .22-caliber pistol. She did not know the make of model of the pistol, only that it was black.

A County Road 1277 Nettleton couple said they got into a verbal argument with a woman over a set of house and car keys. He said they gave the keys to the woman the night before so she could get in the house. The suspect now will not return the keys.

A County Road 931 Auburn woman went to check on her elderly father. He said around 6:30 a.m., a white male wearing a black hoodie, black shorts and black shoes walked up to the man's house. The suspect asked how to get to Tupelo and where was the closest store to get a drink. The man answered the questions and the suspect left walking toward North Auburn Grocery.

A County Road 783 Guntown woman said she saw two white males use a brick to break into the house next door around 1:30 p.m. They removed several items from the house, loaded them in a pickup and drove away.

A Palmetto Road man said a woman called him fussing and "cursing him out." She called back, but he didn't answer.

An Acadian Circle Tupelo man said when he got up, he saw several notifications on his phone from his security system. When he opened the app, he saw video of a suspect going into his truck. He heard that around nine other vehicles were hit in the neighborhood overnight.

A Pontotoc man said he was at the County Road 811 Saltillo go-cart track and bumped another driver while racing. After the race, he and the other driver got into a verbal altercation and a third man "sucker punched" him in the throat. The third man said he was watching the altercation and saw the man balling his fists, so he stepped between them and pushed the man back. He said the man fell backwards onto the ground.

A Cove Lane Tupelo woman said her sister's boyfriend knocked on the door around 9 p.m. She opened the door but would not let him inside. He walked away, then turn and charged her. She slammed the door and called 911.

A Highway 371 Mooreville woman returned home and found the back door standing open. Nothing in the house was disturbed and nothing appeared to be missing. There was no sign of forced entry. One of the kids might have left it open.

A County Road 1498 Mooreville man said his car alarm went off around midnight, He went outside and didn't see anyone. The alarm sounded again around 1 a.m. His wife looked out and saw someone standing next to the vehicle. The man grabbed his shotgun, went outside but the suspect had already fled the scene.

A 39-year-old County Road 648 Plantersville woman said she got into an argument with her 58-year-old boyfriend. She said the argument never got physical and it was resolved by the time deputies arrived.

A Mooreville Flea Market vendor said a white male came up Saturday around 9:45 a.m. The suspect cut up and destroyed a Trump 2020 flag and a Confederate battle flag the man was selling. The suspect got into a car with an Itawamba County tag and drove away.

A County Road 331 Guntown woman said two men stole her 4x8-foot tilt trailer. Her husband saw them take it, but thought she had given them permission to borrow it. The woman said she did not give them permission.

A Guntown man said he was working on his truck across the road from a friend's County Road 885 Tupelo house when he was assaulted. He said a male suspect hit him about the head and face with a metal pipe until he was unconscious. He said the altercation started over the suspect's ex-girlfriend.

The key-holder of a County Road 833 Baldwyn church said the building's alarm sounded the night before. Someone went to make sure it was still secure. The next morning, the man found both the side and back doors of the church had been kicked to the point where the doors had large dents in them.

A man went to his County Road 1282 house to retrieve his truck. His estranged wife started a disturbance but eventually gave him the truck keys and he left.

A County Road 931 Saltillo woman said overnight, someone entered her unlocked car and stole $300 cash from her purse. She said the purse was hanging over the driver's seat headrest.

A North Gate Circle Tupelo man said his ex-girlfriend came to his house and let herself in. He said she was living there temporarily a week ago, then left to go to Dallas, Texas. She showed up today uninvited and unexpected.

A Cedar Lane Tupelo woman said she noticed a red light outside her window last night. She thinks someone was flying a drove outside her house and looking through the window. She turned the lights off and looked out the window, but didn't see anything.

A 25-year-old County Road 1533 Nettleton woman said she and her 35-year-old brother got into a verbal altercation. During the argument, he spilled beer on their mother. He eventually walked away from the argument and went to the shed on the back of the property.

A County Road 1389 Saltillo man said he owns a green 2002 Jaguar that has been sitting on his property for some time. He said a male family member kicked in his bedroom door, took the keys and stole the Jaguar. He gave the suspect a chance to return the car, but he did not. He said he has learned the suspect is now trying to sell the generator and hand tools that were in the trunk of the car.

Someone broke in through the back door of a County Road 833 Baldwyn church and stole the sound system, a microwave, flatware, a small table and a case of paper towels and toilet paper. The woman said they have not had a church service there in a few weeks.

A County Road 1009 Tupelo woman said her boyfriend took her 2004 Jeep Cherokee and "possibly wrecked it." She said the vehicle now has dents in it and is smoking.

A County Road 1438 Tupelo woman said she saw a white male wearing dark clothing and a bandana over his face outside her house around 11 p.m. When he realized he had been seen, the suspect dropped to his hands and knees and began crawling to her front door. He then started knocking on the front door and window. When a four-wheeler drove by, the suspect jumped up and took off running toward the road.

A Drive 937 Tupelo woman said she and her boyfriend got into a verbal altercation, so she called 911 Sunday night just before midnight. She told deputies the altercation was a misunderstanding because she was intoxicated.

Tupelo Police Department

No reports filed since July 24.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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