The following reports were filed Monday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

A High Forest Lane resident purchased a home last year through Renasant Bank. When he recently tried to buy some land in Iuka, he was told his credit "went bad." When he contacted his bank, he learned someone used his identity to take out a $14,400 loan with Avent bank.

A Tupelo man said he leaves his Komatsu excavator in his dirt pit on County Road 1009. When he went to check on it, someone had broken all the windows, stolen the battery cables and broken the control screen.

A County Road 325 Tupelo man said he let a man named Larry work on his car. He said Larry left, taking the man's tools with him. By the time deputies arrived, Larry was back and so were the allegedly purloined tools.

A County Road 1252 Mooreville woman said 8-10 dogs from the neighborhood got into a fight in her front yard. She said a female neighbor she did not know came over and was yelling and screaming at her because the neighbor's dog was bitten in the fracas.

A 47-year-old Tupelo man said his 35-year-old fiancee physically assaulted him in front of her 18-year-old son at a County Road 646 Plantersville residence. In the past, the son told the man that if he fought back against his mother, he would join her in assaulting him. When the assault ended, the man got in his car and left as quickly as possible.

A Mitchell Road woman said she and her boyfriend got into a verbal altercation. When she told him to leave, he went to the kitchen, got a knife and started cutting himself. He left on foot before deputies arrived. The next morning, she discovered someone had keyed her car, leaving scratches in two doors and two quarter panels. The suspect also slashed one of her tires.

A Tchula Trail Lake Piomingo man called 911 saying someone tried to come through his back door and he was going to kill them. When deputies arrived, the man said everything was OK and he didn't need their help.

A County Road 598 Nettleton man said he found his mailbox with the door open. Some of his mail, as well as a neighbor's mail, was found in the roadway next to the box.

A State Park Road man said he opened a half-gallon container of cranberry juice he bought the day before and found a white powder substance on top of the liquid. He was advised not to drink it and to immediately return it to the store where it was purchased.

A Rosebud Lane Guntown woman said her divorce will not be final until July 20. Her estranged husband returned from a business trip at 3 a.m. She let him stay in a guest room so he could see the kids the next day. When she told him to leave, he said he didn't have to.

A County Road 1201 Plantersville woman said a couple came along when a male friend visited her. She said the couple went into her bathroom and stole a gold chain, pearl earrings and assorted costume jewelry.

A Euclatubba Road man said someone stole his Ruger .40-caliber pistol from his truck, which he leaves unlocked. The thief stole the pistol but not the holster or the spare magazine.

A State Park Road woman said a 24-year-old white female walked up to her residence around noon on July 4 and said her boyfriend had kicked her out of the car somewhere on State Park Road. The female left walking. Deputies found her. When they discovered she had multiple outstanding warrants, she was taken to the Lee County Jail.

A Drive 529 Shannon woman said her ex-boyfriend sent her a video of him burning her clothes at her house while she was away. He was gone by the time she got home. The front door was damaged where he forced his way inside. There were holes in the walls. Her television, kitchen table and a dresser were turned over in the floor. A couch cushion and her computer monitor were missing.

A County Road 185 Tupelo man said his sister-in-law was staying in his mother-in-law's apartment on the side of his house. The sister-in-law started an argument and told the man to get the hell out of her mother's apartment. The 50-year-old female agreed to leave voluntarily.

A Tupelo man said he received word that mail addressed to him had been delivered to his previous residence in Saltillo. When he tried to retrieve the mail, the landlord, who claims the man still owes him money, refused to turn over the mail.

A 70-year-old County Road 3 Okolona woman said her 30-something grandson has been living with her for a couple of months "while he gets back on his feet." When she told him she wanted him to leave, he started a verbal altercation, then left. She said she didn't want him coming back.

An Oxford woman said her sister-in-law got extremely drunk at a party July 4 at a Silver Lake Road Guntown residence. The suspect became argumentative with everyone at the party so the woman tried to remove her from the situation. The drunk woman told deputies she just wanted to go to a hotel in Tupelo to sleep it off.

A County Road 47 Tupelo man said his wife and kids couldn't sleep at 10 p.m. because their neighbor was working on vehicles and "being loud."

A County Road 1390 Mooreville woman woke up and went into her kitchen at 6 a.m. Sunday. She found a naked while male sitting at their kitchen table drinking a Dr. Pepper. The man, who was in his 50s, jumped up and said, "Oh my. I thought everyone was dead and I was the only one left." The husband heard the commotion, saw the naked man, got his pistol and told the suspect to leave. The naked man left, walking down the driveway. The suspect pulled an air conditioner out of a bedroom window to enter the house. It appears the suspect used their water hose to wash off, as well.

A County Road 1820 Beech Springs man said a female acquaintance showed up at his place and started arguing with him over money. The female then tried to fight the man's girlfriend. The man got in between the women to prevent a fight. The suspect then left in a white Buick with an unknown man.

A County Road 1557 Mooreville woman said she and her husband got into a verbal altercation. He had a refrigerator full of beer and she threw it all away. She said he has been drinking heavily and letting his drinking buddies hang around the house. She doesn't want that kind of behavior around the kids. He agreed to leave to let things cool down.

A Guntown man said a male acquaintance followed him from the county line store on Highway 348. The suspect pulled alongside the man and threw a baseball bat at the man's GMC pickup. He said the bat caused two dents in the side of the truck.

A County Road 228 Nettleton woman said that during a gathering of family and friends, her mother and her mother's boyfriend got into an argument and left. She felt it was best to end the party and told everyone to leave. She said an unknown female disagreed with her decision, started an argument and assaulted the woman.

An 18-year-old Tupelo man said his father was arrested for a shooting in an adjoining county. In anticipation of his father being incarcerated for a long time, he boarded up the father's County Road 2848 Guntown house. When he went back, the board appeared to be removed. He waited for deputies to arrive before checking out the house, which did not appear to have been entered.

A woman was driving down County Road 1460 Tupelo around 9:30 and saw a GMC pickup in the ditch that had hit a tree. She stopped but no one was inside the vehicle. Deputies checked the area fora possible ejection. When no one was found, the truck was towed.

A County Road 1253 Nettleton couple returned home and noticed pry marks around the door and frame to their camper. Things had been moved around inside but nothing seemed to be missing. They noticed the mattress in the bedroom was askew. When they checked further, they found a set of digital scales between the mattress and the bed springs. The said the scales were not there before.

A homeless man was walking down County Road 47 near County Road 51 around 1:15 a.m. when he saw a red laser beam. He did not know exactly what it was but was scared someone was pointing a gun at him.

Tupelo Police Department

No reports filed since July 2.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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