The following reports were filed Monday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

A Waterfront Drive Saltillo man found a vehicle parked on his property. He said no one is allowed to drive on or park on his yard.

A County Road 911 Baldwyn businessman said he had to terminate a 23-year-old employee. The employee got upset and caused a scene. As he was leaving, the employee threatened the man.

An Okolona woman said a coworker at a Verona furniture plant stole her bank card and ran up more than $500 in charges on

A County Road 748 Tupelo man said his lawnmower was on a borrowed trailer when he left for work. They were gone when he returned that afternoon. Neighbors said they saw a white Chevy pickup hauling the trailer and John Deere riding mower.

A Tupelo woman said her father died June 9 and all of his belongings were to remain at the house until the court settled the issue. She said a male family member has been removing items from the Drive 107 Tupelo house.

A County Road 2432 Guntown woman recently broke up with her boyfriend. The 41-year-old man is now driving up and down the road in front of her house. She is scared he will try to harm her.

A County Road 1451 Saltillo man said he saw an unknown person with a flashlight on his neighbor's property around 10:30 p.m. When he started walking next door, the suspect jumped on a motorcycle and sped away.

A 25-year-old Mantachie woman said she was at a female friend's Mooreville home when her wallet turned up missing. The friend, who she only knows by the first name, told her she would have to pay to get the wallet back.

A Tupelo man went to his former girlfriend's Drive 1312 Mooreville residence to collect some personal belongings. He got into a verbal altercation with the boyfriend of the girlfriend's mother. When the man said he would call the law if he tried to assault him, the suspect said that was fine, he would still put his hands on him before the law could get there.

A County Road 1019 Mooreville woman was asleep at 11:45 p.m. when she heard someone beating on her door. When her boyfriend opened the door, a female rushed inside and began physically assaulting the woman. Two other females then came in and started cursing at the woman. Saying they would come back, the suspects then got in a black car and drove away.

A County Road 47 Tupelo man said he went to get breakfast Saturday morning. When he returned, he found a couple inside the house and a back window broken. The suspects had stolen $200 in tools and $100 in clothing. He said this is not the first time they have broken into his house.

A Tupelo woman wanted deputies to help her evict a tenant from her County Road 1207 Tupelo rental house. The deputies explained the process and paperwork needed to legally evict someone.

A Baldwyn landlord said his former tenants at his County Road 1634 Saltillo rental property have been returning and damaging the property.

A County Road 1529 Baldwyn woman said her husband served her with divorce papers. He also called and said he took out a report on her and would have her arrested if she came to the house.

A County Road 1310 Mooreville woman returned home from work and her key would not unlock the door. She said something was lodged inside the door handle, as if someone had tried to break into the house. Nothing appeared to be missing.

A County Road 2296 Saltillo man said he and his wife got into a verbal argument. He was trying to get her to leave but she refused. She accused him of cheating and said she was going to sleep around with some of his buddies.

A County Road 1390 woman has a protection order against her husband but he has been coming by trying to get inside. When the deputy checked, the protection order expired June 17.

A Drive 780 Tupelo woman said her dogs started barking at 2:30 a.m. and she saw a white male on the front porch. Her husband yelled at the man, who took off running.

A Guntown man said someone cut the lock off his unit at a County Road 1427 Mooreville mini storage. The thief stole a pressure washer, a tool chest full of tools and a Samsung flatscreen television.

A man was driving down County Road 295 when a passing truck knocked off his driver's side mirror. He followed the truck to a house on County Road 300 where he called 911.

A Katie Anna Drive woman saw a white male trying to kick in the back door of her neighbor's house. When she yelled she was calling 911, he took off. The female neighbor left before deputies arrived. The suspect said it was his girlfriend's place. The neighbor later confirmed that fact and said she did not want a report.

A County Road 521 Saltillo man said his John Deere Gator was parked under a shed with the keys in it on Friday. When he walked out there Sunday, the UTV was gone.

A Drive 2352 Saltillo woman said her neighbor has been playing loud music all day and disturbing the peace. She asked him to turn it down and he refused.

A Chesterville Road man said the folks down the road have been shooting guns all day. He can't tell where they are shooting, but he is concerned about the safety of people in the area.

Deputies responded to an abandoned car in a dirt pit behind a County Road 885 Saltillo church. The car was unoccupied. The ignition, dash, stereo and fuse box were all damaged. The car was filled with various items and there was bedding beside it. The car was registered to a Tupelo woman. Since the car was on private property, it was not towed.

A County Road 1349 Mooreville man said around 9:30 p.m., an unknown white male driving a John Deere Gator with an antique black steel pot in the back drove through his backyard. He tried to stop the man, but the Gator rolled on.

An 82-year-old County Road 1970 Guntown woman said she heard someone knocking on her windows at 11:45 p.m. She looked out and saw a male acquaintance. He yelled, "I'm sorry what happened the other day." She told the man to leave, and he did.

Tupelo Police Department

A woman said while she was at work at a McCullough Boulevard pizza place, someone in a large pickup hit her Hyundai, damaging the rear bumper.

A man drove up to a safety checkpoint in the Haven Acres area after midnight. The man smelled of an intoxicating beverage and there were open containers in the car. The man's license was suspended and he had no proof of insurance, so he was arrested. In the glove box, police found a pistol on top of two sealed cash bags containing nearly $2,500. The money bags, allegedly from the North Gloster Wendy's, were placed in an evidence locker at the police department,

A woman driving north on Highway 45 said something came off an 18-wheeler entering the highway and smashed her windshield. The trucker said the steel rolls he was carrying shifted, snapping the hold-down strap.

A Broadleaf Drive Belden man said overnight, someone entered his unlocked truck and stole a Smith & Wesson 9mm pistol from the center console.

Vandals broke out the glass door of a vacant convenience store on North Veterans Boulevard.

Police responded to Carnation Street near the railroad tracks for a report of a fight involving three men armed with baseball bats. One suspect was wearing a black T-shirt. A patrolman found a female with short hear wearing a black shirt. She gave a Social Security number, but refused to give her name for confirmation. She was arrested for failure to comply

Two women on Lambard Drive got into an argument about a wooden fence. One woman said the verbal incident escalated and the other woman punched her twice in the face with closed fists. The neighbor admitted getting in the woman's face, screaming profanities and attempting to hit her with a shoe. She said she only pushed the woman in self defense.

An East Main convenience store clerk said a black male in his 40s grabbed two 24-packs of Bud Light and ran out of the store. He jumped into a white Ford expedition driven by a white male and drove away.

A man said that while he was at the North Gloster Wendy's, someone broke the left rear window of his Dodge pickup.

A man said a friend asked to use his car to run to the gas station around 10 p.m. When the friend had not returned the 2007 Chevy Impala by 9:30 the next morning, he called police.

A man said he dropped his wallet while getting gas at the South Gloster Walmart. When he retuned about 5 minutes later, the wallet was gone. Security cameras showed a black male and a white female in a late model white Ford Mustang picked up the wallet and drove way.

A West Main Walmart employee said a man took off his old shoes, put on a new pair of boots and left without paying for them around 9:30 a.m. Around 4:30 p.m. he spotted a while male matching the description riding a bicycle without a helmet on North Green Street. The man had a strong odor of an intoxicating beverage, had slurred speech and was unable to stand or walk straight. He was charged with shoplifting and public intoxication.

A man said he was at Steele's Dive. He left his phone on the table and went to talk to friends. When he got back his iPhone X was gone. The business does not have cameras in the area where he was seated.

A guest at America's Best Value Inn said he was sitting on the stairs in front of his room when a white male approached "and out of nowhere punched him in the face multiple times." The suspect then fled with a white female. The hotel manager said the incident started when the man started making obscene gestures at the female.

A man said he was traveling north on Highway 45 near Main Street when a southbound car ran off the road and hit the cables in the median. He said a piece of debris from the other car hit his car, damaging a fluid box underneath.

A man went to the police station to report his wallet was stolen out of the center console of his vehicle. He said he and a friend were working on the car. He said the friend started acting weird and walked away. Soon after that, he noticed the wallet was missing.

A Kohl's employee said she left her car unlocked while going inside the store to lock up around 10:30 p.m. She saw a white male and a black male enter her car. When she got back to the car, there was $50 missing from the center console.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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