The following people were booked into the Lee County-Tupelo Adult Jail in connection with felony charges:

Christopher Estes, 20, no address given, was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, burglary of an auto, burglary of a dwelling.

Dillon McClure, 28, of Pontotoc, was arrested by the Baldwyn Police Department, burglary.

Renauldo Stewart, 36, of Tupelo, was arrested by the Verona Police Department, possession of a firearm by a felon, speeding, possession of marijuana.

Shawn Berrigan, 48, of Metarie, Louisiana, was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, kidnapping, sexual battery.

Jeorte Juvon Braxton, 21, of Baldwyn, was arrested by the Baldwyn Police Department, burglary of a commercial building.

Joshua Fogerty, 31, no address given, was arrested by the Mississippi Highway Patrol, possession of stolen property, no driver's license no proof of insurance.

Dominic Vaca, 19, of Tupelo, was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, strong-arm robbery.

Pedro Gomez, 19, of Tupelo, was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, hold for investigation.

Maurice Agnew, 54, of Baldwyn, was arrested by the Lee County Sheriff's Office, manslaughter.

Jason Parks, 45, of Amory, was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, uttering a forgery.

William Humphrey, 27, of Saltillo, was arrested by the Mississippi Department of Corrections, three counts of auto burglary,.

Joshua Page, 33, of Amory, was arrested by the Mississippi Department of Corrections, aggravated domestic violence.

Candace Word, 35, of Shannon, was arrested by the Mississippi Department of Corrections, culpable negligence manslaughter.

Sharika Williams, 31, of Tupelo, was arrested by the Tupelo Police Department, possession of a Schedule II drug.

Barry Chandler, 44, of Shannon, was arrested by the Shannon Police Department, burglary of an occupied dwelling, domestic violence.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

The following reports were filed Tuesday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office:

 A County Road 931 Tupelo woman said a suspicious silver Dodge pickup pulled into her drive around 10:15 a.m. The white male driver sat in the drive for several minutes and then left. She later learned it was a guy there to cut trees for a neighbor and pulled in the wrong drive.

A County Road 600 Shannon man said he tried to buy a car off eBay. He sent the seller $1,400 to include shipping and insurance. He never received the car and now cannot contact the seller.

A County Road 1200 Tupelo man said a suspect is building a house next door. The suspect is using the man's land to turn around trucks and equipment, damaging the property.

A County Road 341 Guntown woman said someone stole her identity and used it at a Savannah, Tennessee, dental clinic. She said a collection agency contacted her, trying to collect nearly $2,900 in bills. They said the suspect used a Cashnet.USA app to pay the clinic,

A County Road 911 Guntown man said his ex-wife's new husband has been harassing him. When he told the suspect to stop calling, the suspect threatened to drive by the man's house and shoot him through the window.

A County Road 1233 Plantersville man said he found a bag of undelivered mail Feb. 12 on County Road 1201. The Plantersville Post Office said the bag of mail was taken from their facility. The mail was returned to the post office to be delivered.

A Saltillo woman said she stayed the night at a friend's County Road 2790 Guntown house. Overnight, someone entered her unlocked car and stole a Glock 9mm pistol, two pairs of sunglasses and a jacket.

A Saltillo woman said a male acquaintance hit her car as he was backing out of the driveway at his County Road 2790 Guntown residence. She said the SUV damaged the rear quarter panel and passenger door of her Toyota Corolla.

A County Road 455 Shannon woman said her 18-year-old daughter and her 20-year-old boyfriend got into a physical altercation, and he hit the daughter in the face and choked her. The suspect left before the deputy arrived and the daughter refused to give any information to the deputy.

A County Road 1353 Mooreville man said he and his wife got into a verbal argument. She took "all the keys" and the child and left. He said she refuses to come home or return the keys to his vehicle.

A County Road 1970 Guntown woman said her boyfriend got out of jail, came home, took their SUV and left, headed to Booneville. She said her Social Security and debits cards were in the Dodge During, along with her mother's EBT and Direct Express cards.

A Guntown man said his daughter's estranged husband showed up at the County Road 1349 Mooreville house where she lives. The man said he owns the house and has told the son-in-law he is not welcome on the property.

A Birmingham Ridge Road man woke up to find a black Dodge Ram pickup wrecked in front of his house. The truck took out a neighbor's mailbox and damaged a culvert.

A man went to check on his County Road 726 Verona property and discovered the lock was off the door, as was the separate locking mechanism he installed. Nothing appeared missing from the house.

A Presley Drive man said a woman who used to date his son has left her vehicle on his property for the last two years. When he told her to move the car or he would have it towed, she reportedly threatened him.

A County Road 821 Saltillo man said his 49-year-old father "constantly calls him and threatens to beat him up." He said it has been going on for three or four days now. The father lives in Prentiss County, but the son doesn't want to press charges at this time.

A woman said she travelled form out of state to see a County Road 1433 Mooreville man she met on Facebook. She said he had people following her, but she has not left the house to be followed. She said she didn't want to leave and go home. Both admitted using narcotics recently.

A County Road 821 Saltillo man said his 30-year-old nephew has been living with his father and may be stealing the father's medication. The man said he found several types of medication in the nephew's room. The nephew also took the father's Dodge van that was parked outside the house.

A County Road 452 Nettleton woman said a white male with facial tattoos walked up to her door around 7 p.m. and asked for a lighter. When she told him no, he left walking toward County Road 1205.

A North Ridge Drive Saltillo man said he and his wife got into a verbal altercation over supper. It never got physical, and he said he was leaving and going to the Waffle House.

A County Road 1516 Mooreville woman said her ex-husband came home drunk and told her she had to leave. They are divorced and she was willing to leave. She and her son left, heading to her mother's house in Pontotoc.

A Bonnie Farm Circle Tupelo woman said she and her boyfriend had been drinking and the alcohol led to a verbal altercation. She was tired of him yelling and called 911. Both said they were going to bed to sleep it off.

Tupelo Police Department

The following reports were filed Tuesday by the Tupelo Police Department:

A North Gloster Holiday Inn guest reported someone slashed all four tires on her 2020 Range Rover. The responding officer said the culprit also broke the back glass and the passenger window. The woman said she did not know who could be responsible.

A South Green Street woman said a male friend took her cell phone and refused to give it back. She let him borrow her extra phone to make a call. They got into an argument and he left with the phone.

A Milford Street man said the front passenger window and driver's side rear window were broken. A friend told him a passing snowplow launched a rock that broke both windows.

Police responded to Milford Street near Main at 3 p.m. for a man walking in the middle of an icy street, causing cars to swerve to avoid him. Police told the man to walk on the sidewalk. The man said, "There's nowhere to walk. Just take me to jail." The officer took the man to jail and charged him with obstructing a city street.

A woman said that her husband's friends threw a baseball bat at her SUV, breaking out the back glass of the Toyota 4Runner while she was on Barnes Crossing Road at Dixie Creek. She did not say what the argument was about.

A man told police that he just lost control of his car on North Gloster near Interstate 22 around 4 p.m. Friday and just slid off the roadway. The man smelled of alcohol and was teetering. He refused a portable breath test and a field sobriety test. He was carried to jail and charged with driving under the influence.

A Feemster Lake Road couple said their four-wheeler had been parked outside for about two months when it turned up missing. They said they did not give permission to anyone to borrow the 2017 Honda Pioneer,

A Cliff Gookin convenience store said a Black male and a white male walked in around 10:30 p.m. and headed to the beer cooler. One grabbed a six-pack of Busch and the other grabbed six Michelob Ultra. They walked out of the store and sped away in a silver Malibu without paying for the $14.98 in merchandise.

Police responded to a possible wreck on Cliff Gookin and found a Nissan 350Z lodged against a utility pole outside a chiropractic clinic at 10:45 a.m. The car was unlocked and unoccupied. Both air bags were deployed and there was a vodka bottle on the driver's floorboard.

A customer at the West Main Hardee's complained that the store got her order wrong and asked for a refund, which was initially denied. She tried to push the bag of food back through the drive-thru window and slapped the hand of the female manager. She said the manager then threw the bag of food through the car window, hitting her. The woman did get a refund, and was asked by the manager to leave the property.

The West Main Hardee's manager said a customer started a verbal altercation over an order around 2 p.m. She said the customer "became agitated" after being told her order could not be altered and slapped her hand. In response to the assault, she said she threw the bag of food at the woman.

A woman went to the police station on Front Street and said an unknown male contacted her by phone and started questioning her about her Cash App account. She gave the man all the information he requested, and he took $573 from her account before disconnecting the call.

An officer on patrol noticed a suspicious male before 4 a.m. on Lumpkin Avenue. The suspect hid behind a car on Leonard. Because of the time of day and recent burglaries, the officer stopped the man, who had an outstanding warrant. The man also had multiple debit cards in different names on him.

A West Jackson Street man said he found a cell phone in his yard near the spot where someone got a car stuck earlier in the day.

A North Gloster Walmart employee said a couple entered the store around 6:45 p.m. Sunday. They selected various items, concealed them on their person and started to leave without paying for the merchandise. employees detained the man, but the female left the scene. The man said he did not steal anything, saying the female was the criminal.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at 841-9041, the Tupelo Police Department at 841-6491 or Crime Stoppers of Northeast Mississippi at (800) 773-TIPS.


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