The following reports were filed Tuesday by the Lee County Sheriff’s Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff’s Office

A Drive 1452 woman said he let a female friend borrow his car with the understanding that she would return it by midnight. When he woke up the next morning, the 2009 Nissan Maxima was still gone. 2-3

A County Road 373 Tupelo woman said her landlord forced her to move out without a proper eviction notice. She had been renting the place since last April and the landlord and others came in and packed up all of her belongings. She just wants her stuff back and a proper eviction notice. 2-3

A Pratts woman said someone dumped a dog and four puppies at an abandoned Highway 370 house. The officer drove by and didn’t see any dogs. 2-3

A County Road 1023 Plantersville man said a neighbor’s dogs have attacked his horses and are aggressive toward him. The man counted a total of 13 dogs. He has talked with the neighbor but nothing has changed. 2-3

A County 2768 Baldwyn man called 911 because he wanted help with his drinking problem. The man went with the medics. 2-3

A County Road 506 Shannon man said in the last few days, someone cut his back fence and drove up to his shed. They stole a fence gate, three washers, two dryers, a refrigerator and an electric heater. He said he let a female live in a small shop near the shed for a month. When she refused to pay rent, he made her leave. 2-3

A County Road 1439 Tupelo woman said her 53-year-old son showed up, after being told not to return to her property. He tried to get into a shed but she doesn’t know if she was successful. Random stuff has been showing up and disappearing from her property. She doesn’t want him to come back. 2-3

Tupelo Police Department

A man told police that sometime recently at an unknown time and location, an unknown subject hit his parked car, damaging the front bumper and grill of the 2006 Nissan Sentra. 2-3

A North Gloster Walmart employee said a man entered the store and tried to leave without paying for five craft knives, a pair of headphones and electronics cleaning cloths. The suspect was detained for police and charged with shoplifting. 2-3

A South Gloster used car lot reported they found a loaded revolver inside a car that had been repossessed. The gun was turned over to police. 2-3

A South Green Street apartment complex manager said a woman who has been banned from the property was visiting a resident. The tenant was told if the suspect returns, the tenant could be evicted. 2-3

A man said he might have dropped his wallet inside a South Gloster Street restaurant. He found the wallet outside, but it was missing $140 in cash. 2-3

A West Main Street woman walked out of her place of employment and discovered someone had broken the back window of her Nissan van. She said a homeless person might be responsible. 2-3

A man was parked at a South Green apartment complex when another car backed into him. He said the other driver yelled that they did not have a license and drove off. 2-3

A woman said a female coworker confronted her after getting off work at a South Green furniture plant on Jan. 14. She said the other woman put an open hand on her face and pushed her back. She felt threatened, so she punched the woman in the face with a closed fist. When asked why she waited two weeks, she said the other woman had filed a police report, so she wanted to tell her side. 2-3

A couple told police that sometime over the last eight weeks, someone entered their unlocked car and stole a purse containing $10 in cash and an iPhone 6. 2-3

A Kohl’s employee reported a pair of previous shoplifting events. On Dec. 28, an unknown person stole more than $675 in various clothing items. On Dec. 24, a black couple stole an iRobot vacuum cleaner worth $529. 2-3

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff’s Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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