The following reports were filed Tuesday by the Lee County Sheriff's Office and the Tupelo Police Department.

Lee County Sheriff's Office

A County Road 1046 Tupelo man said he was notified that someone used his Social Security number and name to file a fraudulent unemployment claim. He called the Attorney General's Office and they told him he needed to file a report with his local law enforcement agency.

A woman said she was driving south on Highway 45 and noticed a black Hyundai Sonata following her. She continued past her house, made a series of several turns and noticed the car was still behind her. She called her boyfriend and he told her to come to his Highway 348 Guntown location. The boyfriend and another man were standing outside when she pulled up. The black car pulled in behind her and parked at an angle. The suspect, a black male, drove through the yard to get back on the highway and headed toward Guntown.

A County Road 1233 Mooreville man said he looked out the window at 5:20 a.m. and saw someone in a hunter green Jeep Cherokee stop in front of his house, then open his mailbox and his neighbor's mailbox. The suspect then drove away, leaving both mailboxes open.

A man said he was moving some equipment from the Mooreville Sewage site on Highway 178 after 10:30 p.m. and noticed a white female on his property. The woman was talking nonsense and kept saying God told her to come out to the sewage lagoon because her soul mate was there. The woman admitted to the man that she was a heavy drug user. After she was told to leave and not return, she walked across the road to her residence.

A County Road 1205 Nettleton woman returned home around 1:30 a.m. and all the house lights were on, leading her to believe someone was inside the house. Deputies arrived and checked the house. All the windows and doors were shut and locked. Nothing appeared to be missing.

Tupelo Police Department

An Armstrong Lane resident called police around 6 a.m. after seeing someone going house to house trying to get inside. Police searched the area but found no one. A neighbor approached the officers and said his orange mountain bike was stolen from his carport the night before.

A West Jefferson Street woman said she was headed to her car to go to work and saw the driver's door open and a skinny black female asleep inside the 2002 Saturn sedan. The suspect, in her late 30s and wearing a black see-through top and a black skirt, said she was trying to hide from her boyfriend. The car owner said the suspect tried to steal a $20 backpack and two credit cards from the unlocked car. The victim was able to recover her items from the suspect.

A Willett Street man said someone claiming to be with Publisher's Clearinghouse called saying he had won a "sizable prize" but he needed to send them a $500 gift card to claim his prize. He said he put the money on a Visa gift card, then gave the card number to the person on the phone. He later called police when he realized it was a scam.

An Edgemont Circle woman said overnight, someone entered their two unlocked vehicles. The thief stole $6 from a wallet and a bag of change (around $10 worth).

A Nancy Drive woman said someone called from a California area code claiming to be with the Social Security Administration. The caller said if the woman didn't give them her Social Security number, they would issue a warrant for her arrest the next day. She did not give them any information and called 911 instead.

A man said while he was shopping at the North Gloster Walmart, someone hit his parked truck. The 2014 GMC Sierra has damage to the right rear quarter panel.

A man said he was on Barns Crossing Road at Interstate 22 and stopped at a traffic light. The light turned green but the Mazda CX-9 in front of him didn't move, so he honked his horn. Both cars then continued on toward the mall. Shortly before Mt. Vernon Road, the Mazda veered into his lane, forcing him off the roadway. The Mazda then turned onto Mt. Vernon and headed south.

A Rasberry Street man said someone entered his two unlocked cars overnight and stole a radio cover and a bag of baby clothes. His security camera showed a black male with facial hair entering the vehicles around 11 p.m.

A Mac's Tires employee said after installing a pair of used 15-inch tires on a woman's 2019 Mitsubishi Mirage hatchback, she drove off without paying the $122 bill. When the employee called the woman, she said she left because a family member had just been hit by a car.

A Mitchell Road man said overnight, someone entered his car and stole a Hewlett-Packard laptop, a Ruger 9mm pistol and $20 in cash. He said his daughter went to the car the night before and failed to lock it.

Anyone with information on any of these crimes is urged to call the Lee County Sheriff's Office at (662) 841-9041 or Crime Stoppers at (800) 773-TIPS.


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