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Ninety minutes, that’s all it took a Monroe County jury Friday night to find Fred Dendy of Amory guilty of murder in the 2001 shooting death of his wife Windle, 44.

Circuit Judge Sharion Aycock then sentenced him to life in prison.

Dendy’s attorney William Stennett was not available for comment at presstime, but Assistant District Attorney Clay Joyner of Tupelo, one of the prosecutors, said he expects the defense to appeal the decision.

The jury received the case just before 6 p.m., asked the court for a copy of a law-enforcement summary of a Dendy interrogation before his arrest, and then returned with the verdict about 7:30 p.m., Joyner said. Heather Emerson of Tupelo was co-prosecutor.

Earlier in the day, Dendy testified in his own defense. He told the jury the last time he saw his wife, Windle, she was eating dinner at their residence. Dendy said he left the home to go to an auction in Columbus, and he found his wife dead when he returned about 1 a.m. that night.

Disputing testimony from witnesses, who said Windle Dendy was unhappy with the couple’s financial problems, Dendy said he and his wife never fought.

“We got along. We agreed. We enjoyed each other. We were happy and liked to be together,” Dendy said. “We didn’t fight about anything.”

Several witnesses testified during the week-long trial that Windle Dendy was upset about the couple’s finances and the amount of money being paid to members of Dendy’s family.

Defense attorneys countered that the couple did not give money to anyone but Dendy’s brother who was working with him at the time.

Another point of contention was a $200,000 increase in Windle Dendy’s life insurance policy made the year of her death. Despite testimony from a witness, who said Dendy was aware of the increase, he denied knowing about it until after she died.

Joyner praised the work of Monroe County sheriff’s investigators Curtis Knight and Donna Franks, as well as Mississippi Bureau of Investigation agents Randy Ginn and Kenny Bailey. “They conducted as thorough an investigation in this case as I’ve ever prosecuted. They made my job and the jury’s job easier,” he said. 

Windle Dendy, a 44-year-old nurse at Gilmore Memorial Hospital in Amory, was found shot to death in her Becker home December 2, 2001. She had been shot twice. Her husband had reported the death to authorities that night.

He was arrested and charged with the crime when the Monroe County Grand Jury returned an indictment against him nearly 11 months after the murder.

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