Corinth High global perspectives

Corinth High School junior Macy Moore gives a presentation on cyber warfare as part of a global perspectives class on Saturday.

CORINTH – Corinth High School students examine complex issues such as global warming, cyber warfare and human trafficking to prove they can compete internationally.

On a beautiful Saturday, these students were on a stage in a dark auditorium making presentations that will be reviewed by the University of Cambridge in England.

Bailey Oaks, a CHS junior, researched childhood obesity and poverty for the global perspectives class.

“As a whole I really think it helps a lot of the students in Corinth because you have to really look at things from not only your perspective but other perspectives,” Oaks said. “It makes you really open your mind and think about everything.”

The global perspectives class is part of an advanced diploma program offered through the University of Cambridge. Corinth High School is one of three districts of innovation in the state and the only one to offer the Cambridge curriculum.

“I think it’s an amazing opportunity,” said Corinth High School Principal Dane Aube. “I think it shows that we can compete on a global level. It proves that Mississippi students are just as capable of performing on a global or an international level as anyone else.”

CHS junior Will Pearce said the global perspectives class has been a challenging learning experience that’s “definitely very valuable to all of us.”

His group’s topic was the weaponization of digital technology, and he focused on drone warfare.

The class has taught him to think differently and look at issues from other perspectives to develop the best solution.

“It really helps with critical thinking,” Pearce noted.

The skill sets the students develop in the class can be applied to everyday life and in academic settings, said Philip Henson, who instructs the global perspectives class.

The students find a problem with a global connection, develop a solution and argue in favor of their strategy.

“One of the problems that we have in education is our students leave high school and they take everything at face value,” Henson said. “They never question the research in any capacity. This class teaches that.”

Aube said the Cambridge curriculum helps students develop academic endurance since they have to devote themselves to a long-term project that requires extensive research.

“This is like a small dissertation,” he said.

Students who achieve the Advanced International Certificate of Education diploma can receive an $8,000 scholarship from Ole Miss and between $6,000 and $10,000 from Mississippi State. In addition to the global perspectives class, students must also pass six other courses to obtain a Cambridge AICE diploma.

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