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By Chris Kieffer

Daily Journal

GUNTOWN – Two parents are calling for the termination of a Guntown Middle School teacher for an alleged racist remark made in the school’s cafeteria last month.

Michelle Russell said her daughter, an eighth-grader at the school, was in its cafeteria on Oct. 20 with a group of friends. The black students were joking, Russell said, but a teacher thought they were arguing and told them to “get your colored tails” to the office, she said.

Russell and Domiano Gaston, whose seventh-grade daughter was a witness, met on Tuesday night with Tupelo and Lee County NAACP President Chris Traylor and other officers from the organization.

After that meeting, both parents said they wanted the teacher to be fired, and Traylor said the NAACP would stand behind them.

“As the NAACP in the Tupelo and Lee County area, we will not stand for racism in this area,” Traylor said.

Russell said they could not publicly disclose the name of the teacher.

Lee County Superintendent Jimmy Weeks said the teacher has been disciplined in accordance with school district policy. The teacher also apologized to the girls and their mothers, Weeks said.

The school will host a racial sensitivity training for all of its teachers on Nov. 17.

“I wanted to have the training because racial issues are very sensitive,” he said. “I don’t want parents and students and the community feeling like Lee County Schools employees are insensitive to racial issues.”

Traylor said the NAACP would support anyone who has been discriminated against, no matter that person’s race.

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