Most parents support sex education in schools

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After the Mississippi Legislature passed a 2011 law that required school districts to adopt a policy on sex-related education, the Center for Mississippi Health Policy commissioned Mississippi State University’s Social Science Research Center to survey parents of Mississippi public school students. Among their findings:

• 92.1 percent of surveyed parents supported having sex-related education taught in the Mississippi public school system at an appropriate grade level.

Parents were then asked about the specific topics that could be taught. The percentage to support each topic is listed in parenthesis:

• What to do if someone is raped or sexually assaulted (97.2 percent)

• Benefits of abstaining from sexual activity (96.3)

• Talking with parents about sex and relationships (95.7)

• Remaining abstinent until marriage (95.5)

• Date rape (95.5)

• Talking with girlfriend or boyfriend about not having sex  (94.9)

• Dealing with peer pressure to have sex (94.9)

• Basics of reproduction (94.3)

• How to get tested for HIV, AIDS and other STDs (91.4)

• Birth control methods (90.3)

• Talking with girlfriend or boyfriend about STDs (88.5)

• Talking with girlfriend or boyfriend about birth control (82.9)

• Where to obtain birth control products (82)

• Using a condom (classroom demonstration) (72.2)

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