Tupelo • The Toyota Wellspring Education Fund (TWEF) at the CREATE Foundation launched its Imagine the Possibilities Career Expo virtually on Tuesday, and students are encouraged to complete a YouScience assessment to tailor their interactive experience to their own needs and interests.

The YouScience assessment was first implemented in Northeast Mississippi high schools by career coaches funded by the TWEF. During the 2019-20 school year, eighth graders were able to take a shortened version of the assessment, called the YouScience snapshot, before attending Career Expo so they could prioritize researching their top three career pathways based on aptitude and interest.

The assessment is “a key resource for students this school year as they prepare to access the virtual Career Expo resources,” CREATE said in a press release.

“YouScience is an assessment to measure your strengths, aptitudes and skills to better find your career interests,” Tupelo High School senior Khoula Khamal said.

The assessment takes around 90 minutes to complete and provides students with a report correlated with career pathway information.

Missy Lunceford, who has worked as a Tupelo High School career coach for three years, said she wants students to know that their YouScience report “has priceless information with terms that describe you and can help you when interviewing and writing resumes.”

The terms are based on students’ responses and strengthens their ability to talk about their hardwired abilities.

“YouScience is one of the best assessments as there is no way to manipulate the assessment. There is no grade, and the results are applicable for 10 years,” Lunceford said.

The assessment “cut(s) through social noise and gender biases to create more equity and access – matching users to their best-fit careers and giving them the confidence and data to make informed decisions about their futures,” according to the YouScience website.

The ability to show students viable career opportunities could help them learn more about the four in-demand career pathways in Northeast Mississippi that they might never have considered otherwise.

Kyion White, a Tupelo High School graduate who took the YouScience assessment while in high school, said the YouScience assessment pushed him to think about the in-demand job sectors including Information Technology, Health Care, Advanced Manufacturing and Transportation.

“I know from personal experience that I had limited to no knowledge about Aerospace as a pathway, but this could provide viable professional opportunities for students in our area,” Toyota Wellspring Education Fund Vice President Dr. Kristy Luse said.

She hopes that the YouScience assessment will empower students to learn about career pathways they might not have known about before.

Students interested in taking the YouScience assessment should contact their high school counselors and career coaches. For more information about the Imagine the Possibilities Career Expo and YouScience assessment, visit createfoundation.com.


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