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Felony Arrests

The following people were arrested on felony charges during a 24-hour period ending at 5 p.m. Monday.

Lee County-Tupelo Adult Jail

- James Stephenson, 51, of 439 Deertrack, Hamilton, Ala., is charged by the sheriff's department with grand larceny. Bond has been set at $5,000.

- Michael Hicks, 46, of Shelton Trailer Park Lot 36, Tupelo, is charged by the Tupelo Police Department with child molestation. Bond has been set at $2,000.

Verona City Jail

- No felonies were reported.

Police Reports

The following reports were filed Friday through Sunday with the Tupelo Police Department and the Lee County Sheriff's Department.

Tupelo Police

- Simple assault on South Green Street.

- Simple assault on Marshall Street.

- Trespassing on Ida Street/Lawndale Drive.

- Disorderly conduct at Barley Courts.

- Domestic violence on Eckford Street.

- Simple assault at Goodlett and Allen streets.

- Burglary of a commercial building on Barnes Crossing Road.

- Domestic violence on Lake Street.

- Domestic violence on Oakview Circle.

- Shoplifting on Market Center Drive.

- Disorderly conduct on Market Center Drive.

- Burglary of a commercial building on Filgo Road.

- Burglary of a dwelling on Belden Pike.

- Burglary of a commercial building on Thomas Street.

- Malicious mischief on Robert E. Lee Drive.

- Burglary of a commercial building on North Gloster Street.

- Disorderly conduct at a business on East Main Street.

- Grand larceny on Terry Road.

- Petit larceny on North Broadway Street.

- Motor vehicle theft on South Gloster Street.

- Burglary of a commercial building on South Gloster Street.

Lee Sheriff's

- A County Road 151 resident reported damage to rental property and trespassing.

- A County Road 503 resident reported damage to rental property and the theft of curtains.

- A Highway 178 resident reported being assaulted and threatened by her husband.

- A County Road 1205 resident reported a disturbance at her home.

- A County Road 100 reported domestic violence at her home.

- A County Road 850 resident reported his son is being harassed by his neighbor's children.

- Kirby's BP No. 3 on County Road 931 reported a gas drive-off and the theft of $5 in gas.

- Kirby's BP No. 3 on County Road 931 reported a customer backed his vehicle into the poles around the diesel pump.

- A County Road 951 reported being assaulted.

- A County Road 325 resident reported a neighbor is letting raw sewage run across complainant's property.

- A County Road 1531 resident reported his neighbor keeps putting his garbage on complainant's property.

- Kirby's BP No. 3 on the Auburn Road reported a gas drive-off and the theft of $16.26 in gas.

- A County Road 2254 resident reported the theft of cash from an envelope inside her car.

- Burleson's Grocery on County Road 151 reported a customer left the parking lot spinning his tires and throwing gravel through the store's open door.

Anyone with any information on any of these crimes is urged to call 911, the Tupelo Police Department at 841-6491, the Lee County Sheriff's Department at 841-9041, or Crime Stoppers at 1-800-773-TIPS.


The Lee County Health Department on South Church Street has set aside two days to administer flu vaccine to high-risk individuals.

The vaccine will be given from 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m. Wednesday and Oct. 22.

High-risk individuals include the following: persons age 65 or older; persons with chronic medical conditions, regardless of age; persons who have immune system problems; pregnant women who will be in the second or third trimester during flu season (November through April); persons receiving long-term aspirin therapy, regardless of age; and health care workers.

The vaccine is covered by Medicare, Medicaid and CHIP. Otherwise, the vaccine is $10.

Anyone who is a member of the high risk group, but cannot attend on either day, can call 841-9096 for more information.

SAFE Inc. will hold a candlelight vigil at 6 p.m. Thursday at the chapel of All Saints' Episcopal Church in Tupelo in honor and memory of victims of domestic violence. The event is open to the public.

Honor Rolls

The following students were named to the Honor Club (all A's) and honor roll (A's and B's) at Smithville Public School for the first six weeks grading period.

Grade 7:

Honor Club - Blake Chambers, Cate Dupree, Chris Little, Cara Monaghan, Kayla Norton, Jessica Plum, Ben Stark.

Honor roll - Kaitlin Armstrong, Shayna Dillard, Cal Dupree, Jeremy Flurry, Ashley Fritch, Will Gunter, Jennifer Harper, LaShae Hathcock, Justin Knight, Hannah Lawson, Melanie Miller, Dylan Moreland, Jessica Patterson, Ashley Sommers, Tei Terry.

Grade 8:

Honor Club - Elizabeth Carter, Melissa Kuykendall, Ashley B. Langley, Courtney Lann, Jessica Monaghan, Wayne Pennington, David Streets, Cory Waycaster.

Honor roll - Haley Allred, Jessica Blaylock, Camille Collums, Terri Cox, Casey Cummings, Hailey Dillard, Antonio Hamilton, Stacey Hinton, Lindley Hood, Jessica Jernigan, Tori Leech, Haley Reeves, Hunter Reeves, David Vail, Chris Willis.

Grade 9:

Honor Club - Dillon Crowder, Heather Frederick, Eric Holloway, Kasey Roebuck, Brittany Smith, Cassie Tipton.

Honor roll - Katie Chrestman, Kyle Davis, Andrew Gardner, Whitney Gideon, Emjaii Gregory, Megan Harper, Laura Langley, Ashley Lann, Toni Nicholson, Michael Poole, Julie Riggan, Tracy Roberts.

Grade 10:

Honor Club - April Faulkner, Heather Lucius, Adam Minga, Lindsay Presley.

Honor roll - Dillon Ables, Andrew Ennis, Ben Gardner, Mandi Hunsucker, Matt Ivey, Dustyn Sims, Zack Sims, Todd Summerford.

Grade 11:

Honor Club - Katy Carter, Kristy Duncan, Savannah Langley, Chris Marshall, Brian McCollum, Aaron Poole, Will Sumerford, Emily Wilson.

Honor roll - Lindsey Allred, Valerie Bridgeford, Shane Bridges, Tory Cox, Dustin Gray, Josh Minga, Keisha Northington, Alex Sargent, Dennis Schrock, Michael Stevens, Kerstin Walther.

Grade 12:

Honor Club - Krista Logan, Deana Middleton, Wesley Scott, Alicia Wilburn.

Honor roll - Kendi Burroughs, David Johnson, Hollie Jones, Chelsy King, Nicki Leech, Valerie Lucas, Michael Nails, Carl Parker, Sheena Reed, Amy Thompson, Eric Uribe.

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