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Focus: Alpha House

By Eileen Bailey

Daily Journal

Each year the United Way of Greater Lee County sponsors a campaign to raise money to support nonprofit organizations in its service area.

These 30 organizations provide services to residents of all ages. This year the organization hopes to raise $1,325,000, up $76,650 from last year's goal.

United Way organizers hope to have the campaign completed by the end of November.

This is the first in a daily series of capsule profiles of United Way's 30 agencies.

Alpha House

- Year organized: 1972; United Way agency since 1973.

- People served: Boys ages 10 to 18 who are in the custody of the state Department of Human Services for abuse or neglect.

- Annual budget: $175,000.

- United Way Contribution: $37,930.

- Director: Jerry Clayton.

- Purpose: "Alpha House is a residential child care facility or group home for young men between the ages of 10 and 18. These boys are in the custody of the Department of Human Services due to abuse or neglect. We accept boys from various counties across the state but the majority are from Lee County.

"Our mission is to provide a safe, stable 'home-like' setting and attempt to instill good values and morals. The boys that reside here are in need of a structured environment. Of course there are rules the residents must adhere to and discipline is one of our top priorities along with education.

The boys attend the Tupelo Public School District and the staff keeps a watchful eye on their progress. The atmosphere at Alpha House encourages the youth to establish an open relationship with the staff. Counseling is available for the boys in order to deal with any problems they may be experiencing."

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