We talk about Toyota and what everyone else “should” be doing to make Itawamba County a better place, but what are we doing? How can we expect an industry - any industry ... not just a Toyota supplier – to want to locate in an area that cares so little about the appearance of their county that they litter on their own roads?

It’s time to stop shifting the blame. As the old saying goes, “If you’re not part of the solution, you’re part of the problem.”

Itawamba County will be hosting a Spring Cleaning Day on Saturday, April 21. Trash bags and dumpsters will be made available. Consider the following letter and do your part in our county’s spring cleaning.

Dear Editor:

Let me begin by saying I am appalled at the lack of pride some Itawamba County citizens have in the cleanliness of our roadsides. Recently the sheriff’s department had the prisoners pick up all the garbage on the sides of our road. I would like to applaud them for the good job that they do. This is a great service to the community. Within two days after the mess was cleaned up, there were beer cans, soda cans, fast food bags and all other kinds of garbage on the road. Come on, people, get some pride! We live in a great country. One that we should have enough pride in, to show people that drive through our county – that we really do care how it looks.

A concerned citizen, Gloria Marlin

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