A man was sentenced to life in prison for grand larceny Thursday afternoon in Alcorn County Circuit Court.

The defendant, James Myers, was sentenced as a habitual offender with three prior felony convictions from Tallahatchie County. Two of the prior felony convictions were also for grand larceny and one was for kidnapping. He will not be eligible for parole, probation or early release.

Myers was sentenced by Alcorn County Circuit Court Judge Paul Funderburk after a trial that spanned three days. He was only on trial for the grand larceny, not the shooting.

The prosecution said Myers stole a truck after shooting two people. The shooting occurred during the early morning hours of July 29, 2017 at a residence at the corner of Wenasoga Road and West Third Street in Corinth.

Myers was in a “desperate situation” to flee authorities after shooting two people, said Kyle Robbins, attorney for the prosecution.

“James Myers knew he had to get out of there and knew he had to get out of there fast,” Robbins told the jury.

As Myers fled, he came upon a truck on Jackson Street with unlocked doors and the keys inside, the prosecution said.

“He jumped in and got out of Dodge,” Robbins said.

After the shooting, an agent with the Mississippi Department of Corrections received information on Myers’ whereabouts at a residence on County Road 738 in Alcorn County. The agent conducted a stakeout of the location and spotted Myers driving the stolen truck. Law enforcement officers then converged on the scene and arrested Myers.

One of the shooting victims, Ryan Gahagan, testified that he was in a coma for 28 days after being shot in the head. The other shooting victim, Dawn Kiddy, was shot three times and identified Myers in a photo lineup as the perpetrator.

A neighbor who witnessed Kiddy being shot, also identified Myers in a photo lineup as the shooter.

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