HED:Crosstown stabbing trial begins today

By Michaela Gibson Morris

Daily Journal

A Tupelo man is set to go to trial today in connection with a November 1996 stabbing death at the Crosstown intersection.

Jury selection is scheduled to start this morning in Lee County Circuit Court for the murder trial of Alvin L. Robinson, 31, of Route 1, Belden, who is charged in the death of James Maurice Parks Jr., 44, of Saltillo.

Parks died of multiple stab wounds he suffered after he left his car at the intersection of Main and Gloster streets to confront the driver of a car that reportedly cut him off on West Main Street, early on the morning of Nov. 5, 1996, Tupelo police investigators have said.

Police believe the confrontation began at the intersection of West Main Street and Lawndale Drive, when Parks reportedly was cut off by Robinson.

At the Crosstown stop light, the occupants of the cars reportedly exchanged obscene hand gestures and the situation escalated when Parks got out of his car and approached the driver's side of the Robinson's car.

Parks was able to return to his car and drive through the intersection before collapsing at the Fast Lane gas station.

Robinson was arrested and charged with murder the day after the stabbing. Investigators recovered a metal skeleton boot knife they believe was used in the stabbing from his vehicle.

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