HED:Dr. Bob comes to woman's aid during speech

By Marty Russell

Daily Journal

If you're going to have a dizzy spell, where better than in a coliseum full of doctors and nurses?

Shortly after Dr. Bob Lanier, the host of television's syndicated "60 Second House Call," began his talk Tuesday night on future medical advances, a woman in the audience at the Tupelo Coliseum slumped over in her seat as if in a faint.

Lanier stopped his lecture and rushed to the woman's aid before other medical personnel arrived and the woman was eventually taken by stretcher off the coliseum floor, loaded into an ambulance and taken to the hospital.

After the almost 10-minute delay, Lanier returned to the front of the audience to continue his address.

"I never lost anybody in a lecture before," Lanier said. "We're not going to lose that one either."

He was right.

Later, Dr. Jeff Barber, president and chief executive officer of North Mississippi Health Services, announced that the woman, who had high blood pressure and was experiencing dizziness, was doing well at the hospital where she was under observation.

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