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HED:Ivy calls District 4 constituents meeting

By Philip Moulden

Daily Journal

Lee County District 4 Supervisor Tommie Lee Ivy has called his second "town hall" meeting to plan improvements for the district.

The meeting is scheduled for 6:30 p.m. Monday in the exhibition building at the Lee County Agri-Center in south Verona.

"It's a very important meeting," Ivy said.

The session will focus on plans for cleaning up roadsides in the district. Area residents collected tons of trash in several cleanup efforts last spring, but litterbugs have renewed the need for additional efforts, Ivy said.

"What we've been trying to do is get organized again as far as cleaning up," Ivy said. "We did a lot of cleaning, but we need to do it again like we did last year. We've called this meeting so people can get involved."

Ivy said he also is interested in hearing the views of constituents on other issues affecting the 4th District, which generally covers the southwest portion of the county and a north-south strip of Tupelo.

Ivy conducted his first "town hall" meeting in February 1996, about two months after taking office. He said he believed that session was very fruitful.

Beside roadside litter, residents last year voiced concerns about drainage problems, road conditions, poor cable television service, and a need for a county parks and recreation department.

Some of those issues have been addressed and others are being worked on, Ivy said.

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