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Pontotoc County officials will now have to take care of a stretch of highway that once belonged under the Mississippi Department of Transportation.

The Mississippi Highway Commission recently gave notice to the county board of supervisors informing them that the stretch of Highway 6 from Highway 6 East to the Longview Road and Highway 6 West to new Highway 6 junction will now be under the juristiction of the county.

This means that the county will now have to upkeep the roads, and county law enforcement officials will have jurisdiction of these stretch of roads.

The officials are none too happy with the idea of taking on the upkeep of a strech of road that will still be traveled heavily, the legislature gave the Mississippi Highway commission the right to turn over these roads once the new Highway was put in place.

In the near forseeable future, it is likely that the city of Pontotoc will be served with notice telling those officials that the upkeep of the highway as it runs through the city will be in their care.

Highway 6 first came through Pontotoc in the early 1900’s as part of the comprehensive highway plan.

Most major highways running north and south or east and west flow throw Pontotoc.

Because the new four lane will be part of the major highway thoroughfare, it has been integrated as Highway 6 and the old Highway 6 is no longer part of the Mississippi Highway Commission’s roads to keep up.

The expense of these particular roads to keep up can become staggering in the future, especially considering that the surfaces contain several bridges which adds on the cost of the upkeep.

In another matter at the board of supervisors meeting, William White asked the men if there could be a handicapped accessible ramp added to the Town Square Post Office.

“I haven’t been able to get my mail these past two years since my accident,” said White, who is bound to a wheelchair.

White admitted he never thought about the post office not being handicapped accessible until his accident.

“I would sure appreciate it if there could be something done to allow me to get my mail,” he said.

Supervisors promised to get with the historical society and look into putting a ramp in place.

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