Sherry Nelson, a 20 year employee, and a driver with Northeast Mississippi Community Services (NMCS), boards one of the Tupelo Transit Buses for a ride along through Tupelo as the public was given an opportunity see the buses and the routes they will take throughout the city on Wednesday afternoon.

The numbers below show how many trips have been recorded on Tupelo Transit vehicles since the beginning of paid services in October. The fixed route will be eliminated in July in favor of offering the door-to-door paratransit service to the general public.

The transit system began operations late September, but rides were free that month, which is why statistics were left out. 


Fixed route: 521

Paratransit: 848


Fixed route: 523

Paratransit: 678


Fixed route: 521

Paratransit: 743


Fixed route: 438

Paratransit: 792


Fixed route: 499

Paratransit: 1,046


Fixed route: 460

Paratransit: 994


Fixed route: 463

Paratransit: 977


Fixed route: 562

Paratransit: 970

Look for more on the Tupelo transit system from Taylor Vance in print and online this Sunday.

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