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By Doris Agnew

I come out of necessity

I come to set the captive free

I come to lend a helping hand

I come to save a troubled land

I come from the north, south, east, and west

I come with fervor, I come with zest

Who am I, you ask. What is my name?

I have many titles, no two are the same.

I'm hope for the hopeless

Food for the hungry

Shelter for the homeless

A friend for the lonely

I'm the smile on the face of a child at play

I'm peace, I'm love



Share the Magic

(1996 United Way theme)

By Doris Agnew

It's magic when you reach into a hat and pull a rabbit out by its ears

It's magic when a lady steps into a box and "pouf" she disappears

It's magic when someone is sawed in half

They call that an optical illusion.

It's magic when you don't know

Just how things are done and you have to draw your own conclusion.

It's magic when handkerchiefs turn into birds that go flying into the air.

But when hope reappears in the eyes of the hopeless,

That's the magic we want you to share.

Share the magic of a child with Down Syndrome

Who has just learned to tie his own shoes.

Share the magic of a fire victim who has been given shelter

Watch his face when he hears the good news.

Share the magic of a Hospice patient

Who has learned there is someone to care

Share the magic with a single Mom and her three children

Who have been given new clothes to wear.

You shared in their sorrow

You have shared in their pain

You have shared with them when things were tragic.

Now because of your gifts to United Way

We want you to share the magic.

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