Man air lifted after Itawamba County accident


By Adam Armour/The Itawamba County Times

An Itawamba County election commissioner is still hospitalized following a Monday morning fall that caused a severe head injury.

Third District commissioner Gene Mills was in stable, but not necessarily good condition, at North Mississippi Medical Center in Tupelo Wednesday afternoon. Mills was admitted Monday morning after suffering a fall inside the Itawamba County courthouse.

According to the reports of several witnesses, while preparing for Tuesday's election, Mills suddenly passed out, striking his head against the corner of a table and then hitting the floor. Oxford attorney Kristen Boyden was nearby when the accident occurred and immediately called for help and began performing CPR on Mills, who was neither conscious nor breathing. Passerby Mickey Wynn, who was in the courthouse purchasing a car tag when Mills fell, began performing mouth-to-mouth, which helped resuscitate Mills.

Paramedics arrived soon after and Mills was airlifted to NMMC.

According to reports, the cause of Mills' fall is still unknown, but officials say it may be related to a potassium spike.

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