Third place in Scene's Oscar contest goes to someone from way up north in Saltillo.

Mug shots of Kandace Worsham and Rodney Worsham

By M. Scott Morris


TUPELO - Our Oscar contest, "Pick the Flicks IV: Scene Takes Over," has concluded with a pair of winners from Kansas.

Nobody in Northeast Mississippi managed to get more than eight out of 12 answers correct, while two folks in the same Winfield, Kan., home scored nine correct entries each.

Judy Putt, Scene's patron saint, reached into the Coffee Cup of Oscar Glory to name 35-year-old Kandace Worsham our winner, so she'll get copies of all five of the movies nominated for best picture.

"We love Oscar contests. We enter them for fun," she said. "It's kind of a competition between my husband and I."

Her husband, Rodney Worsham, 35, gets second place, and because he'll already have access to the best picture nominees, we let him choose three other films that were up for other Oscars. He's chosen "Dreamgirls," "Children of Men" and "Happy Feet."

Another Putt pick

There were 10 people who missed four questions, and Putt was once again called into service.

Our third-place winner comes from way up north in Saltillo. Susan Pennington, 36, gets one best picture nominee, and she's chosen "The Departed."

"I read Entertainment Weekly and kind of looked at their predictions," Pennington said.

Because our other winners live out of the area, Pennington gets sole possession of 10 Cinemark movie passes, in addition to her movie.

"My husband and I love movies," she said.

A complaint

Last year was the first time people from out of state won "Pick the Flicks" and we received at least one complaint about opening the contest to people outside the region. The Scene staff decided it was cool to get entries from Kansas, Nebraska, Minnesota and Illinois, so we continued the open entry policy.

However, if it helps, Kandace Worsham has an aunt and uncle in Tupelo.

"I've never visited there," she said, "but I have been to Florida."

Also, if it helps, the Worsham family is thinking nice thoughts about Northeast Mississippi now.

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